Ask Me If I Give a Shit

I am north of 50. I never had a career. I never found a wife. I never bought a house. I asked rudimentary questions at the white-collar jobs I held not very long. I have standards. I don’t didn’t like to hurt people pests. Why would I marry used gum? Why would I buy a house I can’t afford? Etc.? Etc.?

So look whose ox is getting gored by the Bite Me administration. Let’s look at the ex-Keystone Pipeline workers. Are they surprised?

Exhibit A: Rush Limbaugh, “How Many Keystone Pipeline Workers Voted for Biden?”, 02 February 2021,

Exhibit B: Penny Star, “Emotional Keystone Pipeline Worker Blasts Biden for Firing Workers ‘by Signing a Piece of Paper’”, 29 January 2021, Breitbart News.

The video of exhibit B is worth watching. I will pass on the content of a facebook post by Neal Crabtree as reported by exhibit B:

I got laid off for political reasons and stupidity and the future doesn’t look so bright. I’ve got a sickening feeling in my stomach … I went to my truck and literally cried.

Stupidity? Stupidity? If only that were the problem. You are helpless before stupidity. If true, what does that say about Neal Crabtree? As a logical man, I resent the success at my expense of people who never adjust their beliefs to remove inconsistencies. Here is the truth, fraidy-cat: They hate you! That means they do care, in ways you are too stupid to fathom.

These domesticated male brats, who are accustomed to unearned affluence no less than mendacious ex-wives, just can’t take that first step of knowing they don’t know. They run with the all-knowing, all-seeing herd with that good shepherd Daddy Government. Once you get the hair sniff, it’s all over but the pain.

It is now too late to nip this inside-out occupation in the bud. Neal Crabtree is one of the occupants in the sense of a stooge facilitator. You can’t fight the Roman imperial legions. Hell, you can’t fight the benighted American hordes, political whores one way or another. Funny how one of those ancient legions toppled the Jewish temple to set in motion a reinvigorated 2000-year campaign that makes the latest imperial government theirs.

What would you have me do now that it’s too late for me to start over? I’m fresh out of sympathy. If you are not my political brother, and you are not under the aegis of me or one of my political brothers, and you are in my political way, I’ll just watch you get what you asked for and deserve. I am a black-pill accelerationist.

I want these idiots to fail. How can I live free with these myopic morons arrayed against me? Revenge is instinctive and is how the field is cleared of human debris. It’s just a matter of the court of nature ruling who’s in and who’s out. I refer you to the concept of the Jeffersionian tree.

I mean, I never saw this coming. Wow, just wow! Let’s start a crowd funding page and fix this!

Along the same lines of postmodern perversion, you could have a sweetheart today or you could not. If you do, you know how much it costs in time, money, and emotion. The state has a claim to your wife or girlfriend more than you do, and that is essentially the problem we face, in the style of one of its most salient facets. Why do women and children cost too much? Seek and ye shall find. Mr. Cog Dis, tear down this wall!

—‘Reality’ Doug, 14 February 2021

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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