Wanted: Rear Herd Hopium Pusher

I think I have heard enough about how great Rush Limbaugh was on talk radio of late. So, why was he great?

Because he gave millions of political weaklings a sense of political power. He gave the American herd’s rearguard a cybernetic narrative of validation, their sole demand in this world. What Right is today, the Left was ten years ago: America not California today is what California was ten years ago.

Conservatives are simply playing a prevent defense. Their politics is to resist change but not stop it. That is the literal meaning of conservatism. Of course, if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything, and fall we all have. They just don’t know it. They are getting a big, big hit of conservitard hopium, but all liquidations of value have a downside of the spike that is bigger than the upside.

These domesticated animals require hopium, so the irreplaceable Rush Limbaugh shall be replaced. The greatness the rearguard herd needs to see will be projected onto whoever is the closest to the ideal, that least of all evils that daddy government will permit. The important thing is to stay within the system and let other sheeple cut in line in front of you if it’s the slaughter house line.

When I hear white conservatives proclaim, male ones the most viogorously, how they have no racist bones in their bodies, how universalist they are in their morality in response to the attack of the latest propaganda, about critical race theory, it makes me sick.

President Biden is calling all white people not part of his club white supremacists, and what do the light libtards want most? Unity. They decry the Biden message of unity because it’s not theirs. They will never figure out that unity with lower-order forms of hominid life is the ultimate problem. They are the lowest forms of life in the United States. They have Jesus in their eyes, and whatever Caesar representative (((muh Lord))) has on earth by popular demand and projection.

I wish I could live that lie of cult leader and like it. It is a job opening for a job with lots of money and perks, so long as the elitist protects you from the Left rank-and-file as an insider. Things are intensifying as the decline metastasizes the social fabric. Maybe we can get a Jew to lead the American Right. It’s time. Long overdue. Funny how often people on political TV are Jewish. Maybe Jews have a will to live. We’ve got to get back to Judaeo-Christian values, and that means Jewish leadership. Christians have failed miserably, but they think they are winning. The unplugged view is always surreal, and miserable. Maybe we should just drop the Christian values and go to Judaeo-Judaeo values. Maybe Christcucks have always had those values. They are dogs happy to eat the scraps at the masters’ table.

I remind myself that crisis is opportunity. There will come a time when American law and order will not deserve deference, as it requires beyond reason now, on a case by case basis. The law of the jungle is closing, closing, closing in. Evade, avoid, prevent, so long as feasible. When animal necessity presents itself, go for the throat and don’t forget to seize any opportunity that comes with the liability. Cash in those chips. Every partial measure has proven ineffective. Every full measure has been monopolized by the state and their supporters Left and Right, nearly everyone. The Left is essentially overhead. That leaves the Right and foreigners for the material support of Leviathan.

No standing army can stand forever. The Founders would not approve of the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, etc., but they are long dead and this is our zeitgeist and our times. When the Christcucks are dead, the system will starve to death and a new day will dawn. It will be glorious daylight for someone, likely foreign. Thriving Chinese workers in the glorious New World? A Muslim homeland in North America? There is nothing left to say to normies. This situation is exactly what they want. Exactly. The death of Rush Limbaugh will not change a thing. They are doubling down in their memorial observations. I have not seen a circle jerk like this since 9/11.

I must confess for my sense of objectivity that I had suspected that Limbaugh was not really sick with cancer. Trump’s last State of the Union address was just too dramatic, and Limbaugh’s planned moment hit every heart string possible. I wonder if he would have gotten the Medal of Freedom award without having been diagnosed with cancer just a day or two earlier. Anyway, I was wrong in that hypothesis, not that I was committed to it.

My distrust of all mainstream media is that deep. It serves me well, but it’s not winning. Who can possibly know what’s going on from the outside? At some point it does not matter. Nearly all Americans are not mentally human. MK-Ultra is a smashing success. Who many American white men love their enemy as themselves and can think of no greater honor than to lay down their lives for their ‘brothers’ of every other stripe. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to waste my time digesting the media for the truth about government UFO technology. It could make all the difference to me. It’s so actionable.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 18 February 2021

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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