The Troubling Taste of Bus Metal

I published post “Haman Has No Ears” on 01 January 2021. That post featured commenter ‘ghost’ saying, “Without my faith I would also be staring into that abyss.” In other words, ghost would rather be blind to the existential absolutes of this life, but the big glacial bus of emptiness presses, presses evermore, and ghost can feel its breath killing his earthly treasure. He don’t like dat. Waah, need moar Jesus.

I won’t lie according to objectivity and say that Americans need to suffer more. I need Americans to suffer more and stop opposing me as an expendable reject in secular matters. They only care if their own lunch is stolen by the incorporated bully. That is true even for the great Christians of blind faith like ghost.

I was just reading Brandon Smith, “How The Fight Over American Freedom Will Probably Escalate”, The Burning Platform (TBP), 06 March 2021, scraped from, same title but 04 March 2021. Ghost found a comment by KRFJames on the original post and copied a portion to the comment section of the TBP copy.

It is safer for ghost to make a strategic change if he does it with the herd. (Too little, too late. No heart to win.) This is the strategic essence of what ghost copied from KRFJames:

You’ve written extensively on the need for localized efforts. I just find that many of us in this movement continue to pour tremendous efforts into trying to share the message widely and it falls on deaf ears. [I know what you mean. I wrote a blog post about it.] … It literally pains me to consider that we now have to essentially abandon the bulk of the population that has the potential to be awakened/informed, but frankly they have chosen their path based on willful ignorance.

Good Christians do NOT abandon the bulk of any population ’cause Jesus! Apparently, ghost has some attachment to earthly treasure, but way of life on earth has its existential absolutes. All the Christcucks are too little, too late.

Their leader in this case at least is Brandon Smith. Let’s look at his grasp of the facts, shall we?

Brandon is completely aware of creeping conquest:

They will then offer a “compromise” with Republicans and the NRA, cutting out portions of the bill. This will be a trick to make the public think that the new restrictions are a “reasonable compromise”.

Yet, Brandon sees that the poor globalists are on the ropes:

This means that the globalists have a big problem. They obviously invested a lot into this pandemic. [No, they have gotten richer and we have gotten poorer. They invest fiat money and the chattel it buys. They will gladly kill us, but muh investment.] It is the key to their entire Reset agenda. [The Reset agenda is not key to NWO.] Without a frightening pandemic killing tens of millions, the globalists will not be able to lock down the public and prevent them from traveling or organizing. [You mean like 2020?] They will not be able to institute the medical passports and contact tracing apps that would allow them to watch the public 24/7. [Losing more slowly is not winning, cuck.] They certainly won’t get most Americans to go along with the cashless society and the centralized global governance the elites are so obsessed with. [You don’t believe that, just keep reading yourself.]

Oh, the poor globalists are lunatics on the ropes and can hit us over and over again with impunity until they win—those losers!:

The globalists have indeed failed in epic fashion. But, this doesn’t mean that they are going to give up. If my experience studying psychopathic people tells me anything, it is that when these lunatics are cornered they tend to double and triple down on their failures.

If they wait too long awareness will spread and they might not get another chance for many decades to come, if ever. [No clue about the 100 year ‘communist’ march through American institutions.] Here are the events I expect to see over the course of the next year… [Oh, do tell, Carnac the Magnificient.]

The globalists are doomed unless they can keep the pandemic panic rolling forward. [You mean like they are doomed if the First Bank of the United States fails? You mean like if the Second Bank of the United States fails? Or maybe you mean like if the League of Nations fails. Or perhaps you mean like if the Global Warming conspiracy led by Al Gore fails? or like that led by Greta Thunberg fails? The enemy conquest is over 100 years old! They are doomed, not us, dear Christcuck, ’cause Jesus!]

Yet, Brandon knows all that:

Now, are these inbred totalitarians just out of their minds? [Is that an objective statement or name calling? If an objective statement, what is the point? Are there ramifications for correct strategy? No, you just feel better being superior in your escapist reality with all your stupid friends.] Well, probably, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a Plan B. [But aren’t they finished?! Finished, I tell ya!]

I suggest that you, dear reader, do not look for open minds. I suggest you discriminate maximally in collusion with like minds of your way of life, that is, if you do not simply want to immolate your way of life as a dastardly earthly treasure to be a burnt offering ’cause (((Jesus))).

Still unsalvageable. At least these dumbasses will go extinct, praise the Lord. In the long run religions come and go. The gospel of universal affinity cannot possibly work in this globalized world of maximal diversity growing more freakishly diverse all the time. It matters not if it is Christianity or socialism. Unqualified inclusion is retrogressively terminal in nature in this life. Just sit back and read your Bibles until it’s over. Trust God’s plan. Why do you squirm so, ye of little faith?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 06 March 2021.

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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