Celebrating International Unbowed Non-Asian Caucasian Men’s Day

Today, 08 March 2021, is International Unbowed Non-Asian Caucasian Men’s Day. The United Nations and other government organizations, de jure and de facto, are celebrating all the contributions of unbowed European-White men.

We are proud to have conquered the world to force feed education upon everyone. Every ambitions dumbass can feelz special with professional advanced edumication until the college loan be due and you still a dumbass without a job too good for a serf ’cause all the dumbasses got to that Ponzi scheme before you. Demz dumbasses voted and affirmative actioned themselves into incorporated co-government of Murika and Franka and Germza and Belgunz and stuff and took charge of the economies to make sure to secure middle class prosperity for all their peeps, cause wez keeping it real y’all.

But despite this unpremidented prosperity for all peoples not White men, that is not the most important thingy. No, the most important thingy besides one’s own genitellica is the force feed education that enlightens all the not White men about how their ancestors were inferior in their powers and their successes. They learned that they had a much bigger social mountain to climb, and thanks Gawd they now know to make amends for being the spawn of relatively pathetic ancestors.

We can fixes that right now, and women who herd better than anyone are leading the way to a new world prosperity. I think the legality of sex change surgery, for example, is very liberal policy, and we have women’s to thanks for all that liberation, and all the other minorities who long for and are achieving majority status all by eliminating the successed white man until he has no spawn of his own. That’s be grate.

So you go grrrl! You, make-up and square shoulders, you. You got it down fa sure. I know you don’t need my help, and the establishment is carried on your back and all, cause you strong and independented. I just wish an edumication meant a shit these days, but you got this. It’s just the growing pains of destroying Western civilization. I’m sure the New Wurld Oder will be pot pourri made without carbon immissions, since respiration will be outlawed soon enough.

So I’m proud to celebrate another glorious day of existential nonconformist Non-Asian Caucasian Menz. Think of how high you can fly and still not catch up to the achievements of bygone White Western civilization. I guess tearing it down is almost as impressive. You talented. Still, I’m unbowed. Defeated, yes, but proud and full of righteous unwuv. There will be new rounds of ecological fun. But don’t thank me.

Every time you drink clean safe water, ’cause a White man. Every time your shit don’t stink ’cause modren flush toilet, ’cause a White man. Every time you think you have an intelligent opinion, ’cause a fool White man elevated you beyond your station and gave you what you can kill but not what you can nurture. Well, those were the stupid White men, and let’s not celebrate those dumbasses. I’m thinking that car you drive down that road, the AC and heat, the safe food supply, the TV that guides you to think for yourself, all ’cause a White man. All those hygeinez products for the monthly funz, I’m thinking ’cause a White man. I’m celebrating the potential of White men to take over and reestablish the progress of humanity. Every day is White history day and look at White man accomplishments day.

Don’t worries. You will get the hang of civilization, maybe. You just have to be objective, think rationally, and totally rewire that petty, primitive brain of yours. If I were you, I’d put some smart White men right on that so you will finally achieve full equality. Maybe the warp speed vaccine will make you as the gods that are the white man bugabooz in your status-burdened mind.

Did I make a special list yet?

XOXO to all my female fans.

Happy International Unbowed Non-Asian Caucasian Day! That’s everyday ’cause we still #1 successes in the history brought to you ’cause White men! Some of us will slip through the cracks by pretending to be woke ‘n shit, but most of all by being better. 😉

—‘Reality’ Doug, 08 March 2021

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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