Callous Canting Conservatives

The United States Government provided some graft for the working poor and fraudulent others through summer 2021. The unemployment benefits were signed into law by President Trump. Now that the COVID-19 hoax seems to be loosing traction, numerous ‘conservative’ governors of the respective unionized states (provinces) have rejected federal (imperial) funding to push the working poor back into the economy. These are the same governors who otherwise do not reject federal (imperial) funding, and these are the same governors who by executive orders imposed the martial law guidelines of the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and destroyed businesses not ‘essential’ to the Nu Wurld Oder.

The working poor have the same future in these Soviet American States as the Roman slaves who knew Spartacus and as the medieval serfs who knew Jesus by incomprehensible Latin incantations and really high stone buildings. The United States Empire of subhuman excellence deserves to die. It certainly will in this current configuration, I believe in the late 2020s. I believe there will be a U.S. military takeover of the U.S. Government and Empire at that time.

Most heartland people who are uplifted by this subhuman government only care about their place in the herd, their relative place in the power structure presumed to be the way things are and must be. The hollow man of brutality is a natural police officer. He gets to bully other men who would ostracize and reject him if he could not escape the social norms of the slightest producer meritocracy. Men who think about the rightness of government policy do not make quality government thugs. Neither do they make good conservatives. Good conservatives protect the corporate bondage of the status quo, not the social values of the status quo. The conservatives of today are fully divorced from traditional Western culture and values. They are also pests like the Left.

The conservatives who have a stake in maintaining the current order are careerist conservatives. They have theirs, and what little does a compliant, domesticated subhuman need? IYI means intellectual yet idiot. The smart subhumans, abstractly or instinctively, know that they as subhumans have never had it so good. They know they can never approach the affluence of the civilized white men or yore without daddy government forcing the perversion by inversion. They know it even if those civilized white men were their forebears. The libtards complain the loudest only because it works to get and keep moar value, but what is a cuckservative if not a libtardette?

Now the American cuckservatives are miffed that their Amazon Prime deliveries are in jeopardy, that they can’t eat out, such as the COVID-19 protocols allow, any time they like. They are traitors to Western civilization, but really they are simply not civilized. They only care if they got theirs with no consideration of the system of human lives that makes it possible. “Back to work when we tell you to go back to work!” they say from their couches. I say, “Fuck you!” from mine.

This ship is going down. Slaves have jobs and don’t need jobs. They need freedom. There is not an abundance of human dignified jobs, only slave and livestock jobs: same thing because decency is in the eye of the beholder. Do you cuckservatives even understand what available jobs means? “We have a slave job if you qualify! Apply now!” The working poor will stay poor unless they make more in real terms, which means greater wealth, and without an expanding economy they need to expand their slice of the economic pie at the expense of someone else to gain affluence at all. That is our due process. That is our system. If you cuckservatives reinforce the power of the gravy train, you are the enemy of the working poor.

Market forces are ecological forces of mother nature. Working power get paid more precisely because and only if there is a shortage of labor relative to labor demand. There is no way for the working poor to be financially elevated except by labor shortage! Pay labor more in real terms to include dignified treatment and the means for a dignified future and guess what? the so-called labor shortage goes away.

However, there should always be a labor shortage. Without labor having economic value, labor does not have political value. That’s tyranny, evil conservatives. Some labor shortage is a great thing. Remember Labor has no—absolutely no—bargaining power without a ‘shortage’. Government has brought in foreign labor to flood the U.S. labor market for fifty years. You don’t know what employee bargaining power is because you as an ignoramus have never seen labor have bargaining power and you as a narrative cog feel on cue the Establishment’s pain of not having total control. I hope you conservative wives get all the control over your conservative husbands. That is government-approved blue-pill chivalry. Eat it!

Why should the government mandated winners always win and never lose? How is that due process? How is that a proper valuation of the working poor? My potential to have a career, a wife, and children was destroyed by foreign labor brought to America and by the legalized and illicit transfer of industrial secrets and know-how to the Soviet Union/Russia and Communist China. You think I give a fuck about you careerist conservatives that praise Jesus and blame the serf-victims of the government you devoutly serve. Where is the class mobility necessary for a meritocracy? Your corrupt asses must go down for my ass to go up. That’s how this, your normal, works. Fuck you.

The imperial largess that incentivizes the working poor to not work is not the problem. The problem is the gravy train people. We can’t afford this gravy train. Employers pass on those costs to employees and customers. The price charged to customers goes up immediately and the price paid to workers goes up late and low if at all. It will go down without a sufficient ‘labor shortage’. Why should we bare this burden for your shallow, regressive happiness?

The puppet masculinity that is the U.S. military (and the police) will never willingly abandon their narrative identities of superiority and say. They will salvage the empire rather than let it die now for the ‘greater good’ of themselves. They have been taught as children to compulsively desire anti-White Marxism. That is likely what we will get.

Again, fuck you, go-along patriot conservatives. You took away the social norms necessary for civilization. You made me socially impotent. I followed the intellectual rules of civilized cooperation and was played the artless fool for my entire youth, from infancy to middle age. Your failure is my only path to success. You aligned against the have-nots and rode the coattails of institutional dehumanization. You conservatives chase only your pieces of the imperial pie, your thirty pieces of silver, and you don’t care how the sausage economy is made. You disgust me.

You also disgust the powers that be. The word is that those protein spikes introduced into your bodies by your freedom vaccines are toxic. Wearing a mask that cuts off your oxygen is bad for your health. What I love about this transition from useful idiots to useless eaters is that going along with government policies to get along has finally become injurious and will eventually be deadly to you one way or the other. My last question is whether or not I will live to watch the show of your demise with the libtards.

For any social order to be orderly, someone must die without end. That is the reproductive scattershot nature of things. It is naturally healthy and inherently cruel. That alone is enough for me to reject the notion of a worship worthy Gawd of natural creation. There is verily, verily no pleasing all the people all the time by design. There is no coddling human garbage indefinitely. There are with sufficient subjugation negative interest rates but that does not change the fact that physical life has a hard floor. The working class will not serve you forever. They can’t, not if you have any say. This political order is too perverse in the natural sense of perversion to last much longer. Late 2020s, motherfuckers, late 2020s. You are unworthy of the patrimony you inherited and destroyed.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 05 June 2021

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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1 Response to Callous Canting Conservatives

  1. Heathfreedomtruth says:

    Conservatives are just talking heads for the elite. Comfortable slaves that want those slaves that are below them to buck up and get a job so the self perpetuating system can go on another day and they can stay comforted in their delusions that they are righteous.

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