On the Cultural Capacity of Western White Men

falconflight asked me a question in the comment section of the post “WHITE RAGE”, 28 June 2021, The Burning Platform:

Is it a nationality/ethnicity issue or just endemic to humanity?

The antecedent of ‘it’ seems to be ‘herding instincts’. This blog post is my reply.

You ask an interesting and profoundly directed question. The short answer is both. Now the full answer.

People are a people because they share culture, an expectation of cooperation that is way of life. The capacity for culture differs greatly over humanity, to the point of mutually exclusive capacities and antithetical purposes. This differing capacity is most obvious in a successful civilization that is just beginning it’s cultural rot under incorporated imperial control. The juxtaposition of high class and low class people is alight in hostile contrast. The gene pool of white people has many potentials and culling is crucial.

As I read history, Western white men are civilized only when they have no other choice, which is when there is not government infrastructure to protect or control them. Most would choose government control. The high-culture outcasts of Europe gathered in the Low Country (roughly the Netherlands) to organically establish the Dutch Republic and Empire. They took it from the Spanish. They controlled the European trade routes to sell spices or whatnot: the confluence of rivers. The British stole it from the Dutch with three wars promoted as muh patriotism.

The high culture British outcasts (not to include Puritan wackaloons and perhaps others) went to North America and made a country that took over the world empire from the British in the early 20th century.

British criminals were sent to Australia, and that country is (or was) first world. We are talking about criminal rejects of a British kingdom, political heretics or true delinquents. I don’t know the general quality of the migrants, but I expect that was the usual types.

In all three cases of developing to the heights of world hegemony there was no government infrastructure to tell people who they were. The British seamen and the East India Company enjoyed some autonomy, so a fourth case of limited government.

The Germanic white man is the barbarian that wanted to join the Roman Empire and Roman culture and reinvigorated it like the Macedonians reinvigorated corrupted Greek culture. That is why Rome fell in 476. It took a long time for Germanic white men to find their rhythm, e.g. Charlemagne, but they did blossom, which accounts for the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment.

But the stupid religious white masses were ‘freed’ by modernity after the deists and rationalists were and had a stimulative Awakening of their own. They were base pretenders aping the Enlightenment. The Declaration of Independence contains some hyperbole to sell the revolution to the Christian unwashed of that time. Now every piece of shit thinks it is American, but in a new and improved way. The worst offenders are generationally native white men who celebrate and deify their deficiencies.

In short, what makes Western white men, certainly Germanic white men of the past 1500 years, great is the ability to be civilized if conditions are right, but it is conditional. The Dark Ages are a testament of the unrealized potential of Germanic white men. Lesser peoples do not have dark ages. Intellectual darkness and no progress is their normal.

There are wild herd instincts and domesticated herd instincts. Women are wild herd animals and ride the coattails of alpha. White men are heavily domesticated compared to other demographic groups. The yellow men, most notably the Chinese men, are heavily domesticated in tendencies as well, I think even more. You will notice the most civilized heritages on earth for the past 2,000 years are white and yellow, in that order. It is troubling that cooperation and the desire for cooperation can be weaponized. The primitives do not stop evolving.

Domestication may be an intrinsic aspect of the white capacity for high culture. Intrinsic or not, I’d like to see this capacity bred out not bred in. Wild instincts have a dignity the civilized must have to remain civilized. I will not explain here why the civilization cycle is so pronounced in Western history and its proto-Western precursor in the most ancient cultures of Egypt and Mesopotamia.

I think White Christianity is intimately involved with the domesticated nature of Western white people. I don’t know what is cause and what is effect. Organic process has feedback loops in places. The centuries of Roman rule after the collapse of its republic must have had an effect. Christianity was engineered to have an effect. The Trinity is a term engineered by Emperor Constantine.

Jesus is the (((Divine Shepherd))). Christianity was created from Jewish social engineering by Roman bureaucrats to rule an underclass in perpetual grinding poverty. Christianity as practiced by white people is well-suited to imperial rule and mass subjugation. You see the fight Christians are putting up as hapless death cult ‘patriots’ hell bent on preserving their narrative escapism.

Evolution does not rest. Western white people have the largest spread of high-low potential of any people on earth. The breeding of white garbage, the greatest of all being perverts, as cultivated by aliens and admixed with foreign pathogens has ruined, in the parlance ‘deconstructed’, Western culture. White men are nearly to a man detriments to their own patrimony and are not worth cooperative honor or allegiance. There is no where for the high culture white man to go. Get politically invisible and encourage the organic process to pass over you and perhaps a few close individuals like the Angel of Death.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 29 June 2021

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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