Crazy Conspiracy Theory


Unless you are actually a rock, if you live in the Anglosphere, you know about the heart injury to American football player Damar Hamlin. The injury could be or could not be a consequence (whether in whole or in part) of one or more mRNA injections, which is true by the definition of domain-exhaustive binary choice.

We have a lack of reliable facts, but we have lots of data not only about COVID-19 but about geopolitics and the condition of the West. I am going to lay out my crazy conspiracy theory without narrative sweet talk for the dumb-asses.

Warning: I am not a medical doctor. I am a layman, and this is my provocative speculation.

Lemma 1: The mRNA injections are the opposite of safe and effective.

This one is pretty easy. The new ‘vaccines’ were deemed such in the United States by Emergency Use Authorization. Real vaccines do not need boosters less than a year later. Real vaccines prevent sickness in the average recipient and do not depend on the injection of others. The heart problems, especially among young men, is well known and, to me, convincing.

We don’t yet know what the medium and long term effects are at this time (early 2023), but a protein spike is not a spike but a protein strand if it is not on a larger body, say a coronavirus body. The chemistry must be different. The possible density of protein strands is higher than the possible density of protein spikes, and protein strands can bind or otherwise react on both ends.

Prions cause Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease in humans and mad cow disease in cows. This type of neurological disease involves misfolding proteins in the brain and is terminal. There is no cure. Moreover, prions, and by extension protein strands, do not deconstruct from cooking heat. Mad cow meat cannot be salvaged. The whole cow is burned to a crisp. That is how you chemically destroy a prion. Possibly billions of people on the planet have become protein strand factories. These protein strands are less complicated (smaller) than viruses, and viruses are not considered to be forms of life like bacteria are. Are the protein strands prions? I know we don’t know, and I know that either there will be a statistically significant increase in neurological problems like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease circa 2026 or there won’t be. That will be definitive to me.

Lemma 2: Most of the supposed mRNA injections were placebos.

These injections were evidently designed by offensive gain-of-function bio-weapons research, be that the whole coronavirus or just the ‘spike’, and I am supposing these protein strands are a product of injurious bio-weapons technology. The percentage of the population adversely effected by these mRNA injections is quite small in terms of structural implication to society. It is strange, unless most were placebos.

The most convincing analysis of the COVID-19 injections I have seen is Del Bigtree’s The Highwire podcast episode with Dr. Ryan Cole entitled “The Highwire’s Lab Investigation of COVID Vaccines”. Dr. Cole debunked the claim that the injections contain living parasites with identification of star-like leaf trichomes. Superstitious people cannot be rational and do not follow the science. Dr. Cole also debunked the graphene oxide claim. Dr. Cole nevertheless regarded the injections as unsafe. He has supposedly tested numerous samples of the injections and found that most were placebos, as in no mRNA technology, though some samples had inappropriate contaminants.

Lemma 3: The master globalists are implementing a Fabian depopulation.

The enemy intelligentsia and sponsorship has been using Fabian strategies for at least a century, and perhaps nothing else. The military industrial complex was fed in Vietnam and is being fed in Ukraine. Controlled opposition always gets good media coverage. The culture war has been won, if you can call it that. The ‘culture war’ was never actually fought because rank-and-file Westerners never showed up except to aid and abet the enemy as patriots and compliers. Culture conquest over the last 100 years was just the beginning. Now it’s culture extermination, and culture extermination requires some amount of biological extermination. Memes need genes.

The legal opioids attack killed a permissibly small fraction of Americans. The disguised illicit fentanyl attack killed a permissibly small fraction of Americans. The American facilities of numerous food producers were destroyed by fire, Bill Gates reportedly bought a fair amount of U.S. farmland, and farmers in The Netherlands were being put out of business. Europeans may die of cold in the winter of 2022–2023 without Russian fuel and with the handicap of ‘climate change’ regulations.

The Georgia Guidestones were demolished in 2022, and our authorities do not publicly know why. Neither do they know publicly why Stephen Paddock sniped country music concertgoers from the Montgomery Bay Hotel on 01 October 2017. The same authorities can reliably find perpetrators of things if they don’t like those things or those people. They have data on and power over all of us. “Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.”

Conspiratorial Proposition: Pro athletes in the United States got only placebos.

There is reasonably credible data out there that asserts that getting multiple hackzeen shots leads to more adverse health consequences. As far as I know, soccer (world football) players in Europe and college-level American football players have been dropping severely hurt if not dead with heart problems that are consistent with the supposition of mRNA injection injury. As far as I know, players in professional American football (NFL) and other American professional sports have not, until Damar Hamlin on 02 January 2023.

Mass COVID-19 injections began in the United States circa December 2020 under President Trump. Damar Hamlin played college football at the University of Pittsburgh 2016–2020 and was drafted out of college by the Buffalo Bills in 2021. Supposing that NFL players always got placebos while following the league’s COVID-19 guidelines—which is purely my speculation, I have no knowledge of how NFL players obtained their ‘pandemic’ injections—then Damar Hamlin could have gotten a COVID-19 injection through channels not controlled by profession American sports leagues.

Such a speculation if true would require that NFL players who entered the league before 2021 and have not left cannot get a vaccine injury, but those who entered the NFL in 2021 or later can, as can ex-NFL football players who have been out of professional sports long enough to receive a COVID-19 injection outside of profession sports channels.

If Damar Hamlin is a one-off, his dramatic injury would seem to not be an injection injury, but if other NFL players have severe heart problems in the next three years, then bio-weapon injuries are indicated. If those injured are always the younger players and, tangentially, ex-players who have been away from professional sports for at least six months, then bio-weapon injury outside NFL placebo provisioning is indicated.

Time may tell. The powers that be may decide to protect college athletes of sports that have a professional corollary with special injection provisioning. If the placebo policy changes, the interpretation of the data gets more complicated. I like to focus on the big picture. The social engineers are very good at disguising trends with statistical noise and false hopes.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 06 January 2023


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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