This webpage presents a work under the title: To Philosopher to King. The title may be abbreviated as 2PH2KG. It is a conceptually unfinished manuscript, but here it is. I am not disclosing a working title for a matured form of this manuscript. My concept is to guide the reader away from wayward thinker to vital philosopher and then philosopher-king. Since I have neither a remunerative position in society nor been able to garner a following that suggests I could purvey ideas for a living, I am posting what I have. Perhaps the unfinished manuscript will market itself or me as a proof in the pudding. Regardless, I believe in the ideas and want to convince other men to be like-minded. I could use the political company.

Too many people think that if they take care of themselves economically they have taken care of themselves economically, but political dependency means you don’t really own a thing. You did not earn Social Security retirement because the money was spent before it got there: political ineptitude. If you don’t own your philosophy and economics, you don’t own your own life. That is the hard truth jealously hidden behind mass media conditioning.

My social vision is to live in a democracy ruled by a citizenship of philosopher-kings who jealously guard their power over their own lives because of wisdom. How closely I am thinking to the example of ancient Greece I don’t exactly know. I would have to study that history in detail. I know the Roman way was practical given the limits of the common people, but in those details lies the devil. Are we ready for the next big thing culturally? or will we flounder under our technological prowess?

—‘Reality’ Doug, 07 December 2013

To Philosopher to King

Copyright © ‘Reality’ Doug 2013

Creative Commons License
To Philosopher to King by ‘Reality’ Doug is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1, “Introduction to Game”
1.1, “Western Man’s Malaise
1.2, “Meet the Manosphere
1.3, “The Struggle

Chapter 2, “Gameboard of Life”
2.1, “The Problem of Definition
2.2, “The Problem of Interpretation
2.3, “The Synthetic Record of Life
2.4, “Imperative Roulette

Chapter 3, “Mortal Imperatives”
3.1, “Genes and Organisms
3.2, “Social Strategies”
3.3, “Mythical Matriarchy”
3.4, “Sovereignty is the Meme”

Chapter 4, “Moral Evolution”
4.1, “In Search of Morality
4.2, “Natural Morality”
4.3, “Synthetic Consistency Explored”
4.4, “Evolution of Morality”

Chapter 5, “The Stealth Globalization War”
Chapter 6, “The Big Cut”
Chapter 7, “Woman the Simple Automaton”
Chapter 8, “Rarefied Manhood Congeals”
Chapter 9, “The Riddle of the Two Beasts”
Chapter 10, “Death Takes Closing Arguments”
Chapter 11, “The Blueprint”
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