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My first brush with the Manosphere (or a progenitorial portion) came in 2009, the year of my failed attempt to market myself as an independent author with an unvarnished manuscript on the societal truth I was convinced fellow Americans would want to know. Recently hating feminism on the strength of my research, I looked online for a Men’s Movement (MM). I found a feeble one, more precisely called the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM). I think this is when I came across the Angry Harry website, a well-know part of the Manosphere as I write this in 2012. Back then, as I recall, the MM was mainly angry divorced dads too self-absorbed and specialized in their convictions to identify their coupon-clipping nemeses.

It was in the spring of 2012 that I discovered the seduction community. I made the discovery as one would guess: I asked the Web gods through a Web search oracle to advise me on how to get laid. It’s funny how most people don’t dare discern or ask for what they really want. Cowards. I found seductionbase.com, Roissy’s Sixteen Commandments of Poon, the Hawaiian Libertarian. I couldn’t believe it. Clear and simple instruction sans the condescending pall, you know, what idiot instructions pretend to be minus what they actually are. It was technique and analysis. It was social technology on seducing women, or at least claimed to be.

I’m an intellectual and I love pussy. I was going to determine if this technology was legit. The mountain of free advice was not only voluminous but comprehensive, with occasional jewels of pithy elegance. What rocked me was the fundamental consistency: the man is emotionally superior without question; and women desire a man who is her social superior, a prize to be won, rewon, and esteemed.

I discovered the nine Mystery Method steps which makes seduction concise and navigable. I read explanations of the Mystery steps and other taxonomically different steps and phases, picking up Pickup Artist (PUA) terminology and concepts. I have never been fortunate enough to live in a big city, but I have visited. It is my experience that the technology of the seduction community, Game, is hardly required in the big city, not that it would hurt. Elsewhere, the women are more parochial, less often single, and less concentrated. I did my approaches at the mall, infrequently as the pickings were slim, but enough to discover I could get warmed up to attracting lone women enough to have conversation. I went to the bars, starting with attractive but not smoking hot women and finding that again I had a warm-up period to struggle through. Lone or ‘satellite’ women were not in the majority. I tried opening 2- and 3-sets of all women. I learned I could have a friendly conversation perhaps a third of the time simply with confident audacity. Invoking attraction is my sticking point as I write this. I am able to talk to smoking hot women if they’ll talk to me. For the first time I really believed women are emotionally underwhelming down to my guts.

My inner game was developing. This is critical. To really believe women are inferior politically and emotionally as you look them in the eye while they presume and display adult qualities and to want to fuck them on your terms with rational expectations if they measure up, that is liberating congruency for a man with himself and with ‘people’. I had been afraid to make eye contact with attractive women of unknown temperament. Cruelly, selfishly, instinctively, women had taught me two things, or so I thought: (1) eye contact with any woman to whom I felt sexually attracted was socially reprehensible, creepy, and pathetic; and (2) the accompanying friends of any woman with whom I might converse in a nightlife setting and presumable elsewhere were irascible, and the best I could hope from them was indifference, which I cultivated. Fuck the bitch lessons on being a man! Please.

As a man, you must master eye contact, and you must master social boundary navigation. Do those two things, and you have basic social skills becoming to a man. Here’s why: For a man to make his mark on the world, he must navigate a journey of innumerable little face-to-face steps.
That, in a nutshell, is why the seduction community and it’s technology called Game is the core of the Manosphere and the backlash MM, not wisely to be confused with the establishment’s insidious Mythopoetic Men’s Movement and the like, is not. We could refer to a Manosphere Movement (MM) as a proper subset of the (backlash) Men’s Movement (MM) and defer defining the exclusivity of the Manosphere. I probably mean Men’s Movement when I use MM, but if the distinction is important I will be explicit. I am clearly a great writer, I’ll have you know.

So why would I put the seduction community and Game at the core of MM? Fair question, intrepid reader. The larger question, overarching this entire work, is why would I think the MM core is a seed, a foundation for development of the MM. I hope you are charting your course and navigating into this unknown territory. The mental environs will become unfamiliar if they are not already.

The Manosphere is the sum Internet community of, by, and, for men opposed to systematic feminism with systematic thinking, analyses, and strategies. That’s my unofficial definition as of 2012. The community includes the occasional anti-feminist woman. The online sharing of male backlash information and ideas has evolved a subculture that asserts feminism is an agency of the New World Order (NWO). There are two progenitor camps: Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) and the seduction community (ASF). The latter acronym is correct. The following account of the nascent history of those two groups is something I can’t properly verify, but the two social responses by a paucity of recalcitrant men in newly gynocentric Western civilization is instructive.

The members of the MRM are known as Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs). Being politically oriented, they were and are opposing the establishment on its terms. A subgroup of MRAs since circa 2004 are Men Going There Own Way (MGTOW). The MGTOW approach is, as set out in a manifesto, for men to autonomously act to instill masculinity in men, instill femininity in women, and promote limited government as a personal way of life to effect cultural change that eventually could cause unspecific but positive political change deferred to future consideration. It is essentially the community organizer route but with bankster money as a headwind.

ASF is an acronym for alt.seduction.fast, the usenet newsgroup that gave birth to the seduction community in the mid to late 1980s. Usenet was developed in the United States, and my guess is that the seduction community was initially an American phenomenon, perhaps joined early by Canadians. A student of Ross Jeffries is said to have started the newsgroup. Ross Jeffries is an alias, standard practice in the seduction community. Jeffries taught his commercial Speed Seduction system designed for subconscious suggestion and included techniques adapted from the dubious Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). However hyped the claims of NLP have been, Jeffries was a, if not the, leading PUA instructor, presumably exploiting the fact that women are women with success in some fashion. How to Win Friends and Influence People has sold 15 million copies on the merit of superficial social techniques to induce favoritism, presumably exploiting the fact that people are people. Jeffries dominated the seduction community he essentially founded until circa 2001, when PUA Mystery became preeminent. Mystery’s seduction approach was predicated on social dynamics rationalized by concepts from evolutionary psychology and sociobiology. His television show The Pickup Artist originally aired on VH1 2007–2008.

There have always been the natural alphas, the ladies’ men who attract seemingly all of the most desirable women. We have instincts, and women clamor for the best mates. What happened with the Internet is that some men, naturals or not, field researched, shared, critiqued, analyzed, and field tested seduction technology as a community. This is the stuff of true social science. Without an elite guiding the research for targeted social engineering purposes, it is arguably better science than much of what heavily funded academia produces.

It is important to realize Western women did not loosely clamor for the best mates before their cultural liberation, in the 1970s in America. They had been forced to shop with patience and discipline and to pay fair market value. Now women could make manly decisions, like having sex with virtual strangers and divorcing with children, presumably without losing future pair bonding market value and revenues. Love conquers all if you don’t mind, but rational men who make the world go ’round do mind. This fundamental change in the sexual availability of women repositioned their sexual market value from subordinate companionship to freelance entertainment. A massive portion of reproductive value was expropriated from rank-and-file men to the state-controlling, social-engineering elite along the lines of the Cloward-Piven strategy, cooperative learning, and social sensitivity.
The anonymous blogger Hawaiian Libertarian, in his post “The Zeta Point” of 9 September 2012, places the birth of the Manosphere several years earlier (c2009?) at the blog “Roissy in DC” (roissy.wordpress.com) when members of the seduction community and MRM socially interacted by posting comments. An accurate social appraisal of females became possible by connecting the biological and political aspects of female agency. A community of men sharing a framework comprehensive enough to fully appreciate feminism was born.

What is interestingly instructive is that PUAs adapted whereas MRAs reacted. Females clamoring of their own wiles are self-herding, causing feast-or-famine entertainment market segmentation. Would a real man be taken but never take inadequate but handy restitution of his vitality like a good boy? PUAs fed upon systemic vulnerabilities whereas MRAs expended themselves upon systemic impregnabilities. Game does not work on all women or on only women. It works best on useful idiots, and the establishment has recently recognized the challenge to their monopoly and their agenda. Southern Poverty Law Center via the spring 2012 issue (no. 145) of their propaganda rag Intelligence Report disparaged the Men’s Rights Movement as purveyors of misinformation in one article and the Manosphere community as misogynists in another. The publication marks the establishment’s public designation of the Manosphere community as a major oppositional ‘hate’ group. Does RooshV blog about his hate fucks? Answer: yes, but how else do you utilize fetching useful idiots serving distant masters in every other way to fuck you?

Fire up a Web browser and discover the Manosphere for yourself. The blog article “The Misandry Bubble” (1 January 2010) from The Futurist is canonical. The blog article “The Manosphere” (30 May 2012) by Captain Capitalism is a fine structural introduction doubling as a superlative hyperlinked blog index. Suggested terms to feed your search engine: AFC, alpha, anti-feminist, beta, mangina, Manosphere, marriage 2.0, misandry, misogyny, PUA, red pill. Approach self-education with moderated persistence.

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