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Physiognomy and Stewardship

Metro’s “Donald Trump state visit protests turn nasty as fights break out near Buckingham Palace,” dated 4 June 2019 shows pictures of anti- and pro-Trump protesters in London. Besides the fact of conflict, I think studying the pictures is good … Continue reading

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Ho Hum, Toxic Masculinity, Ho Hum

This post is an update by addendum of my previous post, “Solipsism in the Gravy Swoll Wild.” From CBS News’ “Gunman, 12 victims identified in Virginia Beach shooting,” dated 01 June 2019, Virginia Beach Vice Mayor James Wood publicly said … Continue reading

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Solipsism in the Gravy Swoll Wild

The difference between a recession and a depression is that a recession happens when your neighbor loses his job and a depression happens when you lose yours. Today there was a mass shooting at Virginia Beach, Virginia, US, in a … Continue reading

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You Death-Cult White Apes Can’t Handle the Truth

My Genglish, genius English by regression, gets to the core of our lives. That is why I am laughed off as a loon, buffoon, whatever. We humans are so not equal it makes most captivity-bred white men afraid to discover … Continue reading

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The Only Job Americans Really Won’t Do

A critically important motto of the alt-right is ‘Never punch right.’ Left-right is of course a simplistic notion, the axis of our Lords’ political theatre. However, the truth of our motto deserves critical examination if our very lives are worth … Continue reading

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The Lowest Parasite Is a Producer

PA and the rest of you emotives on the right, why wrestle with a pig? Pigs are incapable of higher, cleaner social behavior. You emote the same shit over and over. You could just delete and block this troll, PA. … Continue reading

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Rose-colored Glasses

@Jay said, “[CH] to Ron Unz…. Once that happens he is untouchable (for the most part) by TPTB.” That sparks this response here to anyone. I don’t think you religious folks (and younger people) know what you are up against. … Continue reading

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