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The globalists are in firm control of China and Japan. The Japanese herbivores are well-known. The Russian empire tells us feminism is alive and well in China too. Please don’t install anything into your browser from Russian-state media: “Womenomics 101: … Continue reading

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Alt-Right Almost Ready for Patriarchy

This was composed as a comment on “Vicarious Female Submission,” dated 07 December 2018 and by CH, but the comment has been filtered from posting immediately and likely at all. I post it here for what it’s worth, partly going … Continue reading

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Woman Driver: Come Fly With Me

The crash of one 17-year-old the formerly known as hot Sophia Floersch on 18 November at the Macau Grand Prix is one for the ages. She went airborn off the front end of another race car. Probably the accelerator was … Continue reading

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“My People!”

Men are better than women at culture, which essentially means wealth stewardship. That excellence can only express itself with a command of superior violence, know as sovereignty in cultural terms and sexy in female animal terms. The Fed and other … Continue reading

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Nihilism Confirmed

From the Sun, “MIND BLOWN The world’s first oral sex robot has been created by analysing hundreds of hours of porn” dated 16 November 2018 (h/t Drudge Report). What’s wrong with that picture? Gentlemen, there is a God-given cornucopia of … Continue reading

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Old Women Settle

I was reading Dalrock’s “2017 Never Married Data” dated 04 September 2018 and had a flash of insight. Note that the spectacular jump we saw in 2014 for the 35-39 age bracket appears to have been statistical noise. The delayed … Continue reading

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A Critique of Vox’s Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

Courtesy of the Didact’s Reach post “Explaining the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy” dated 13 November 2018, I watched this video: How the fuck do I get default paragraph spacing for the text after this fucking embedded youtube video without losing the default … Continue reading

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