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Best Frenemies

Just watched a video embedded in the Heartiste post “Trump The Buck Negger.” The video is from eNBeeCee and titled “President Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron Have Marathon Handshake.” It is a great field video on subhuman social behavior (which … Continue reading

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Red Pill Groupistan

Again I can’t post comments at CH, certainly not in a timely way, so I post here again. This is what SteveRodger42 posted as a comment to “Shitlibistan Smoking” dated 10 February 2017: You’re right about those traits in this … Continue reading

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Psychological Abuse Makes the Global Decline Go ‘Round

A comment by Canadian Friend on CH’s post “Days of Rage” dated 9 February 2017 began: “One advantage the left has is they do not fight fair, they respect no rules, they cheat and then lie about what just happened.” … Continue reading

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CH Has Been in DC Too Long

I expect the following comment did not post, and what’s new? My brilliant comment from yesterday didn’t make it, for you crazies, btw. 😦 Yesterday, wolfie65 nailed it about Kushner (took me a while to see it). True again but … Continue reading

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Sally B. ‘Blackening Ready’ Brown

It is so easy to take the leap of faith into a nonsensical explanation. Lightening is not God’s anger. Ozone in the stratosphere is a good thing. Seizures are not the work of demonic spirits. Crazy is not the liberated … Continue reading

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Women Without Beauty

As a general rule, I avoid closeness of any sort with women who have reached 25 years of age. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not above a ONS with a relatively hot 30-year-old if it’s an easy layup at her … Continue reading

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Twice Conversational

I am recommending the video “Glottal Stop | Learn English | Linguaspectrum” by Early Daily Doses of English (Richard) on lubetube. It will benefit you in two ways: (1) you will become more conversationally interesting with the knowledge you gain, … Continue reading

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