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Reprehensibly Stupid Is You

The Vox Popoli post “Reprehensibly stupid,” dated 18 June 2019 is itself reprehensibly stupid. It enrages me that high-IQ arrogance would righteously lead men to their pointless dooms, would promote more pointless suffering. It is this arrogance about destroying the … Continue reading

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Followed by Islamic Deconstructionism

From MSN’s “How My Queer Self Met My Arab Self at the Pride Parade” from about 01 June 2019 (five days ago): I identify as a queer Arab-American Muslim man. I am a first-generation American, born, conceived, and manifested in … Continue reading

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The Only Job Americans Really Won’t Do

A critically important motto of the alt-right is ‘Never punch right.’ Left-right is of course a simplistic notion, the axis of our Lords’ political theatre. However, the truth of our motto deserves critical examination if our very lives are worth … Continue reading

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Behold, the Lady Killer

Rape fantasy is accepted fact among rational red pill men. In light of the fact that Netflix is exercising its custodial obligation to or authority as the trust too big to fail, I have occasion to opine on the topic … Continue reading

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Death by (((Jesus)))

Self-sacrifice for something greater than himself. Check. Maintaining the shape of the cross so a master’s thug can readily apply a choke hold and whatever level of violence he likes. Check. Approval from white women who program white male self-immolation. … Continue reading

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How Christianity Became Libtardfa

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As my regular readers will know, I maintain that Socialism is the evolutionary child and heir of Christianity. The Western inheritance is of course being consumed by Islam. I just had an epiphany I will now share. The white man … Continue reading

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A New Alt-Right Is Risen!

Roissy serendipity did it again! As far as I know the Manosphere was born in 2009 in the comments section of the “Roisy in DC” blog, at There the PUAs and MRAs compared notes. Funny thing, the Interwebz. As … Continue reading

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The Problem With Transitional Whiteness

The question Aeoli Pera puts before us today is: “The root of the problem in Western Christianity (I suspect)”. I can read the problem only with my biases, but I think the problem he is addressing is Christian cuckoldry. I … Continue reading

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Response 1 to Aeoli Pera’s Response 1

I give credit to Aeoli Pera for responding with class and logical arguments in his post “Re: Genetic Blindness of the Intellectual Christian,” dated 12 August 2018. I like his blog. His direct answer to my challenge of making the … Continue reading

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Genetic Blindness of the Intellectual Christian

Dear Aeoli Pera, I request that you play devil’s advocate to become more intimate with the ‘facts’ of your faith for but also against things. You facilely discredit the Enlightenment as antithetical to Christianity in your post “Enlightenment anti-pattern recognition … Continue reading

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