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China to Annex Taiwan in 2021

Prediction made on 30 May 2020: China will recover Formosa, also known as Taiwan, in 2021. How do I know? I only suspect. The 2019 SARS corona virus is a hoax. The political elites from around the world are in … Continue reading

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No Stomach for Earthly Heroism

Ignore the nonsensical cries for relief from the subhuman shit. It amazes me that the rational can be so steadfastly irrational. You may not come around to my way of thinking, but the jurisprudence of nature that I have witnessed … Continue reading

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Americans Exterminate Their Sanity and Cheer

Welcome to your news feed. We filter the news for each other. Less bloat, more value. The information diet is key. The sweet propaganda is designed to destroy you. Chronic stress is slow death. Challenging the order’s monopoly of thuggery … Continue reading

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Rose-colored Glasses

@Jay said, “[CH] to Ron Unz…. Once that happens he is untouchable (for the most part) by TPTB.” That sparks this response here to anyone. I don’t think you religious folks (and younger people) know what you are up against. … Continue reading

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I Can Explain the Vanishing Casings

My hypothesis is tentative and testable. I will leave it to people who know what exact streaming technology was used and how it works. We all know about the (alleged) shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand of 15 March 2019. Today … Continue reading

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HPD Chief Art Acevedo Lied About Hit

This post is a followup to my post “Behold, the Lady Killer”. I came across The Burning Platform post “‘They Did Not Deal Drugs’: Neighbors of Slain Couple Who Shot 4 Cops Refute Official Story” dated 31 January 2019. The … Continue reading

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Cunt Justice

From Wikipedia entry “Rand Paul”: On November 3, 2017, Paul was assaulted by a neighbor, Rene Boucher (then aged 59), a retired anesthesiologist. Paul, who is deaf in one ear, was wearing noise-cancelling headphones while mowing his lawn, enabling Boucher … Continue reading

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Why They Hate You

For the past 500 years of modernity the white man has dominated. We are now in postmodern times yet to be positively identified. The naming of American generations since the Baby Boomers are all impersonal names. The character of each … Continue reading

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Curation Is Everything

We are not the same. The evolutionary throwbacks and their genes are winning. The byproduct of that process is cultural decline. We are not degenerating. The average is degenerating, but the individuals are not degenerating much if at all. There … Continue reading

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Death by (((Jesus)))

Self-sacrifice for something greater than himself. Check. Maintaining the shape of the cross so a master’s thug can readily apply a choke hold and whatever level of violence he likes. Check. Approval from white women who program white male self-immolation. … Continue reading

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