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Esoteric Alphaizing Pull

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The female instinct for perfidious, malevolent social engineering by her persona shell game of AB/BF is well known to us. After learning about Red Pill for myself and having my own ideas about it, I’ve always felt that women are … Continue reading

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Rubicon Fence on the Edge of Christian Pasture

I was writing a reply to a comment by Audacious Epigone in response to my comment on his post “Majority of Americans with a favorable view of communism are non-white”, dated 10 November 2017. My reply got too big. I … Continue reading

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Emotional Attachment Quality Test

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The correct answer to many questions is: ‘it depends’. Shades-of-gray ideas are pros and cons depending on context. Cultural cooperation like friendship requires emotional attachment. Women have evolved the psychological weaponry to exploit that. Maybe human progress is fundamentally predicated … Continue reading

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Power Architecture

Rick Moser touches an a profound subject at RoK in his article “How Modern Architecture Destroys Your Relationships” dated 31 January 2015. I am totally sick of the pop-up ads at RoK, and we will see what the market will … Continue reading

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Hollywood Tax Farming

What do the movies Avatar and American Sniper have in common? Sheeple glorify or worship fear as virtue. That is a huge lie that requires conspiracy and neurosis. The Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern is a methodical way to expose a … Continue reading

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Pussy Is

Being nice is being inferior with superior potential if you are dealing with animalistic relativists, and you are every day. Likability requires relatively higher status not win-win benefits. The latter is a civilized concept. Save civilized niceties for the civilized … Continue reading

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A Coordinated Bevy Are Bitches Not a Team

Warning: The language of this post is NSFW. Women only, I mean only, act to enhance personal relative status. Any motive is to please is only to please authority. Keep that in mind before you whip out your penis. With … Continue reading

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Show No Mercy

Star Wars is steeped in history and human nature. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith perfectly illustrates the transition of voluntary and productive civic reciprocity to confiscation by violence. I wanted to find a clip of the scene in which … Continue reading

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