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Psychological Abuse Makes the Global Decline Go ‘Round

A comment by Canadian Friend on CH’s post “Days of Rage” dated 9 February 2017 began: “One advantage the left has is they do not fight fair, they respect no rules, they cheat and then lie about what just happened.” … Continue reading

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Universal Redemption Is the Stock Beta Bait Form of the Natural Sin

In the comments of the last post, Keoni Galt and I have been getting deep, deep, deep into the morass of autodidactic code of behavior. There the dimensions of ethics, morality, philosophy, and theology swirl and collide with the personality … Continue reading

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Empiricism Is Effectively God

A civilized man is both a conquerer and a progressive builder. Civilization is a progressive society in and of itself. Civilization evolves itself to greater power and prosperity. Asymmetric immediacy of opportunity and necessity between the partially overlapping realms of … Continue reading

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