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The Worshippers: A Case in Point

Until a man makes his identity a thinking perception decorated by feeling perception, he is a drone-slave. Drones and parasites are mainly motivated by fear. When fear is formalized into a virtue, it is sanctified cowardice. That is what the … Continue reading

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Red Pill Groupistan

Again I can’t post comments at CH, certainly not in a timely way, so I post here again. This is what SteveRodger42 posted as a comment to “Shitlibistan Smoking” dated 10 February 2017: You’re right about those traits in this … Continue reading

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The Exclusive #NeverHillary Club

The FBI investigation of Hillary Rodham Clinton has been resumed. I remind you that Barry is the premier community organizer. The philosopher looks for consistency. Let’s see where a veiled hatred of Hillary by the B.O. takes us. Here comes … Continue reading

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Hypergamy for President

I just read the post “The Race for President is (Probably) Over” dated 11 September 2016 by Scott Adams. This is the crux of his analysis: “When a would-be Commander-in-Chief withers – literally – in front of our most emotional … Continue reading

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Cyclical Diagnosis of Basic Seduction Mistakes

Note to self: Stop making these mistakes. 1. Direct Approach Overdrive – Using boldness to stop feeling bad from approach anxiety becomes habit-forming boldness to feel good. Problem: The inert boldness demonstrates a lack of social awareness and actually cultivates … Continue reading

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Hollywood Tax Farming

What do the movies Avatar and American Sniper have in common? Sheeple glorify or worship fear as virtue. That is a huge lie that requires conspiracy and neurosis. The Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern is a methodical way to expose a … Continue reading

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The Philosophy of Vibe

There are many kinds of love. Men, only love Platonically within your vested brotherhood. Women, you are nothing without loving others, and that is your lithe art. There are many kinds of fear. Men, do not express fear emotionally. Women, … Continue reading

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