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Behold, the Lady Killer

Rape fantasy is accepted fact among rational red pill men. In light of the fact that Netflix is exercising its custodial obligation to or authority as the trust too big to fail, I have occasion to opine on the topic … Continue reading

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Esoteric Alphaizing Pull

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The female instinct for perfidious, malevolent social engineering by her persona shell game of AB/BF is well known to us. After learning about Red Pill for myself and having my own ideas about it, I’ve always felt that women are … Continue reading

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Christian Men Are Killing the West

I have nothing against imperialism per se. The cultural variant is wonderful. It’s institutional imperialism that I hate. Culture and institution are arms on the same see-saw. If one waxes, the other wanes. If government is truly made smaller, the … Continue reading

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Imagine a world where men do not subjugate women, where state taxation and thuggery are used to debauch the pussy supply and emasculate the penis supply as efficiently as possible. Image a world of price controls that makes repulsive pussy … Continue reading

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Sally B. ‘Blackening Ready’ Brown

It is so easy to take the leap of faith into a nonsensical explanation. Lightening is not God’s anger. Ozone in the stratosphere is a good thing. Seizures are not the work of demonic spirits. Crazy is not the liberated … Continue reading

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Women Without Beauty

As a general rule, I avoid closeness of any sort with women who have reached 25 years of age. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not above a ONS with a relatively hot 30-year-old if it’s an easy layup at her … Continue reading

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IQ Versus Wisdom

IQ is capacity for reasoning distance. High IQ is effectively great reasoning reach and distance. Purpose is direction. Wisdom is the capacity for a great choice in direction. Power without control is dangerous impotence. The mistake I made, and that … Continue reading

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