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Reprehensibly Stupid Is You

The Vox Popoli post “Reprehensibly stupid,” dated 18 June 2019 is itself reprehensibly stupid. It enrages me that high-IQ arrogance would righteously lead men to their pointless dooms, would promote more pointless suffering. It is this arrogance about destroying the … Continue reading

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Alt-Right Almost Ready for Patriarchy

This was composed as a comment on “Vicarious Female Submission,” dated 07 December 2018 and by CH, but the comment has been filtered from posting immediately and likely at all. I post it here for what it’s worth, partly going … Continue reading

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Old Women Settle

I was reading Dalrock’s “2017 Never Married Data” dated 04 September 2018 and had a flash of insight. Note that the spectacular jump we saw in 2014 for the 35-39 age bracket appears to have been statistical noise. The delayed … Continue reading

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The Little Red Tablet for Women

My eyes and ears are deceiving me. Utoob vid blogger Olivia Alexa actually provides solid, practical advice to women, which is why it can’t possibly work. The practical distillation is wonderful in theory. It’s the female version of Tom Leykis … Continue reading

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Marital Rape Is a Fraudulent Concept

Aurini Davis posted “Game Theory and the Marriage Matrix” on 11 June 2015. It is pithy and clear in what’s wrong with marriage, except it stops well short of describing the problems of women’s nature and men’s value. I want … Continue reading

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At-Will Employment

You can NOT hold a woman to a contract for monogamous sex services and loyalty. The elite will not let you. All personal relationships are at-will relationships. If you cease to be her best option, she leaves. If you don’t … Continue reading

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Pimp Daddy Gov Eating Hollywood

Just a quick observation. I came across this article by Nadia Mendoza for the Daily Star entitled “‘I went bonkers’ Courtney Stodders dated men for nine months during Doug separation” and dated 15 September 2014. The subtitle or teaser before … Continue reading

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Consequences? What the fuck you mean consequences? That’s a great vid by ‘Joe Blow’ called “Why you women can’t find a husband in 29 seconds!” —‘Reality’ Doug, 10 September 2014

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Not Really Rape of Her, Rightful Vag Claimants

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Have You Pondered Analects 13:3 Yet? Definition is the foundation of knowledge representation (after language itself, but it is language itself). Philosophy, practical and real philosophy that strengthens one’s personal and natural agency as opposed to the false propagandistic variety … Continue reading

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Who’s Jew in US Media

You may have read some of my recent posts on Abrahamic religion, in particular how dangerous it is by the brand. Courtesy of Grim by way of a comment at Chateau Heartiste, this hearty congratulations from “Big Mouth” Bite Me … Continue reading

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