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Behind the Red Dress

The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our daddy. When you’re inside, what do you see? Businesswomen, female teachers, female lawyers, female carpenters, the very minds of the people we are trying to please to achieve success as … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Aurini et Al.

Note: This post started as a comment to Aurini’s post “Breaking Out of the Matrix: An Endless Journey,” dated 12 November 2015. The political and cultural implications are important enough that I have crafted it as a post and open … Continue reading

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Bending the Matrix

From the preview of Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, revised ed. (1993) by Robert B. Cialdini at the Cathedral bookstore: The evidence suggests that the ever-accelerating pace and informational crush of modern life will make this particular form of unthinking … Continue reading

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The Trump Show

In style there is no doubt that Donald Trump trumps all the Republican contenders for the 2016 nomination. Nevertheless, this is yet again just circus for the plebs. Even Château Heartiest believes Trump could make a difference for us for … Continue reading

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Causality Chose You, Stupid

The truth one perceives and might foolishly seek to protect is determined by axiomatic assumption. The frame of our interpretation has a foundation that just is. That is the failure of the masses: incorrect assumptions. That has been my failure. … Continue reading

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Natural Sin

Aurini has been putting out some great stuff. “Betterment of the people”: that is the crux of politics. I was going to leave a comment there, but then I’ve posted my fair share of comments there lately. For some reason, … Continue reading

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Morality and the Matrix

I have not written part 5 of “Proving Morality.” I have ideas swimming around in my head. It is one thing to prove the flaws in a construct, and quite another to create a construct that will stand the test … Continue reading

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Proving Morality: Peace With Destiny’s Gauntlet

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This is part 4, “Peace With Destiny’s Gauntlet,” of the five-part essay “Proving Morality.” You may wish to read part 1, part 2, and part 3 first. I have not read McDowell’s masterful works—and I sure as hell don’t want … Continue reading

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Shutdown Artist (SDA)

On the Friday night (31 August 2012) of this past Labor Day weekend I backed down from two fights over three bar stops space apart by half an hour. I was with a friend in the bars, but he was … Continue reading

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The Gold Standard: A Measure of Control Assiduously Avoided

It is illegal for you to burn or melt the money that you own, but how can that be? Answer: You don’t own your money; your money owns you. All the nations of the world base their economies on interconnected … Continue reading

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