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The Problem With Transitional Whiteness

The question Aeoli Pera puts before us today is: “The root of the problem in Western Christianity (I suspect)”. I can read the problem only with my biases, but I think the problem he is addressing is Christian cuckoldry. I … Continue reading

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Response 1 to Aeoli Pera’s Response 1

I give credit to Aeoli Pera for responding with class and logical arguments in his post “Re: Genetic Blindness of the Intellectual Christian,” dated 12 August 2018. I like his blog. His direct answer to my challenge of making the … Continue reading

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Genetic Blindness of the Intellectual Christian

Dear Aeoli Pera, I request that you play devil’s advocate to become more intimate with the ‘facts’ of your faith for but also against things. You facilely discredit the Enlightenment as antithetical to Christianity in your post “Enlightenment anti-pattern recognition … Continue reading

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Freak Show Symbiosis

I want to start this post with a shout-out to Hawaiian Libertarian for the brilliantly dark post “Is This the Sign That Everything is Going To Be Ok?”, implying that the NWO is truly satanic. I don’t believe in Satan … Continue reading

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Whitey (((Replacements)))

It’s unofficially official. Muslims never, ever committee defensive suicide. Once I heard that the gunman, since identified as Stephen Paddock, committed suicide, I realized that the odds that the shooting was an act of jihad was very low. We are … Continue reading

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A Whale’s Tale

Goodbye, land whale grist—, Though I never knew you that well at all, ‘Cause on personality alone, definitely WNB. Ain’t no harm in Yellen, If you’re Obama bin Bernankified—, They sent you to charge their dodgers, But one man’s charge … Continue reading

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Superman Filter: Not Worth the Squeeze

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This is a follow up to my last post, “Because AWALT: Animal Smart, Culture Dumb.” There is a second way to interpret the White Emasculation Proclamation of our white gurl gollum: She secretly yearns for white superman. There is data. … Continue reading

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