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Cunt Justice

From Wikipedia entry “Rand Paul”: On November 3, 2017, Paul was assaulted by a neighbor, Rene Boucher (then aged 59), a retired anesthesiologist. Paul, who is deaf in one ear, was wearing noise-cancelling headphones while mowing his lawn, enabling Boucher … Continue reading

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In the News: 05 December 2018

Dateline: Paris — The protesters are not appeased by Macron’s suspension of odious carbon-tax hikes. “The Latest: French protests ahead despite Macron concession,” dated 05 December 2018: “Students opposed to a university application system remained mobilized, trucking unions called for … Continue reading

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Ultimately, They’re Fundamentally Bimbos

Happy Halloween. How fitting given the darkening of births in Murica. The future belongs to men with access to pussy, as it has always been. The political elite of the NWO Trust are never rapists, too big to fail. The … Continue reading

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My Second Salute to Liberated White Women

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My emotional weakness is demonstrative. I must vent. I was browsing the Drudge Report and came across some articles from The Sun (www.thesun.co.uk): “MINUTES FROM MASS MURDER Suicide bomber Salman Abedi caught on CCTV in lift to Manchester Arena wearing … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Aidfare or Feigned Tourette’s Syndrome

Recognizing Aidfare Waged Upon Us This article will provide analysis and a subsequent strategy for creating a Personal Seduction Network (PSN) as an income stream. As the economy shrinks into more desperate times, more desperate measures will become viable. The … Continue reading

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