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Reprehensibly Stupid Is You

The Vox Popoli post “Reprehensibly stupid,” dated 18 June 2019 is itself reprehensibly stupid. It enrages me that high-IQ arrogance would righteously lead men to their pointless dooms, would promote more pointless suffering. It is this arrogance about destroying the … Continue reading

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Superman Filter: Not Worth the Squeeze

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This is a follow up to my last post, “Because AWALT: Animal Smart, Culture Dumb.” There is a second way to interpret the White Emasculation Proclamation of our white gurl gollum: She secretly yearns for white superman. There is data. … Continue reading

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The Mangina Blues

I was dropping some red pill truth onto this guy I met in a bar last night. I asked him if men or women had more political power. He said with the hand signal, iffy. He wasn’t sure. Soon he … Continue reading

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The Crazy of Thomas Mair

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Thomas Mair did not fade gently into that goodnight. He is the alleged (and it seems certain) killer of MP Jo Cox. The reported details follow. Thomas Mair, born in Kilmarnock, Scotland, was/is a 52-year-old former psychiatric patient who (reportedly) … Continue reading

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IQ Versus Wisdom

IQ is capacity for reasoning distance. High IQ is effectively great reasoning reach and distance. Purpose is direction. Wisdom is the capacity for a great choice in direction. Power without control is dangerous impotence. The mistake I made, and that … Continue reading

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To Serve Sheeple

The Wikipedia entry has this in the opening paragraph on the entry “To Serve Man (The Twilight Zone)”: The story is based on the 1950 short story “To Serve Man”, written by Damon Knight. The title is a play on … Continue reading

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We Have No Choice

A few excerpts from “Harnessing the Science of Persuasion” by Robert B. Cialdini for the Harvard Business Review (October 2001) are well worth documenting. Excerpt #1: Israeli researchers writing in 1983 in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin recounted how … Continue reading

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The Trap of the New Normal

From a tweet recommendation by Aurini Davis, I read the post “Your Attention, Please” dated 23 May 2015 by C.J. Caswell at Prax Americana. It is an excellent and provocative post, which is why I would bother to criticize it … Continue reading

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Male Casualties or Male Bonding

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Turd Flinging Monkey has a great analysis in the video “MGTOW: The Magic of Male Scarcity.” I think it is well worth your time to watch. I suggest a modification to his hypothesis. I accept wholeheartedly that reduction of the … Continue reading

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Analysis: Roosh Meets the Wizard Image of Oz

The short analysis: The curtain was not pulled back to show the vile pretender. I just watched the Roosh segment on Dr. Oz, aired 28 April 2015. These are my raw thoughts. That means they are unpolished and that lying … Continue reading

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