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Red Pill Groupistan

Again I can’t post comments at CH, certainly not in a timely way, so I post here again. This is what SteveRodger42 posted as a comment to “Shitlibistan Smoking” dated 10 February 2017: You’re right about those traits in this … Continue reading

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The Matrix Is a Multiverse Smorgasbord for the Metal Invalid

I may have lost my blog roll privilege at Hawaiian Libertarian. If so, that’s fine. I can work on my ZFG. It was a great run. [Update: Some hours after posting this, still the same day, I see this post … Continue reading

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Owen Cook Is Amazing

If you are not a philosopher at heart, you won’t get to PUA heaven. At least that’s what I think. The development of Owen Cook over the past ten or whatever years is amazing. Lots of the videos of the … Continue reading

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Oh Yes They Do, Just Not With You

I was hitting the blog of an economic pundit I respect, but I remind you that economists are not (necessarily) PUAs. Admittedly, I am only a PUA-in-Training in the school of lone masculinity, but I have recently seen the promised … Continue reading

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Mundane Game

Hi, all! I just had a thought that I think is moderately profound. I’ve been working on my ‘Game’ where I am. I am not chasing life literally. I am chasing it in place. Your resources are limited. You can … Continue reading

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Hamster Worship

Dear Diary, I’ve been busy lately. Strangely, I have had what tentatively seems like a Game breakthrough. The conceptualization is ever changing, and I don’t know what the results are. That is R&D. I see stagnation in the Manosphere. Men … Continue reading

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Why Stupid Is Outsmarting You

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Female Bird Brains A few weeks ago, I was watching a bird bath. Two mated pairs of house finches converge on the scene. The boldly colored males fought for maybe seven seconds. One second before the fight was over, the … Continue reading

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