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Sally B. ‘Blackening Ready’ Brown

It is so easy to take the leap of faith into a nonsensical explanation. Lightening is not God’s anger. Ozone in the stratosphere is a good thing. Seizures are not the work of demonic spirits. Crazy is not the liberated … Continue reading

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Women Without Beauty

As a general rule, I avoid closeness of any sort with women who have reached 25 years of age. (Don’t get me wrong. I’m not above a ONS with a relatively hot 30-year-old if it’s an easy layup at her … Continue reading

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The Ill-defined Neg

I don’t have the money or gravitas to know how Mystery defines the neg these days, but I can tell you that years ago it was not correctly defined in functional terms, and those are the only terms that count. … Continue reading

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The Drama Haves and Have-nots

We socialize like women. We have jargon for it. We have made a science out of it. We have made an art out of it. And the success of the Manosphere, like the widespread success of Bruce Lee teaching karate, … Continue reading

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Disarming the Rhetoric of Feminism

Philosophy + Rhetoric = Emotional Freedom Besides being entertaining, Popp at Redonkulas.com is also enlightening in his video “What is MGTOW.” Notice that he has his philosophy on life down cold. By understanding the intrinsic nature of feminism and his … Continue reading

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Rhetorical Leadership Basic Training

The metaphorical ‘slaughter’ is an example of the practice of psychological force. Since we men are not able to use our forte of physical force, we are limited to playing in the woman’s forte. I remind you of the “Bully … Continue reading

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Analysis: Roosh Meets the Wizard Image of Oz

The short analysis: The curtain was not pulled back to show the vile pretender. I just watched the Roosh segment on Dr. Oz, aired 28 April 2015. These are my raw thoughts. That means they are unpolished and that lying … Continue reading

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