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Rose-colored Glasses

@Jay said, “[CH] to Ron Unz…. Once that happens he is untouchable (for the most part) by TPTB.” That sparks this response here to anyone. I don’t think you religious folks (and younger people) know what you are up against. … Continue reading

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Bitches, Don’t Call 911 To Help Us Anymore

From Daily Mail post “Burglarized homeowner, 73, shot dead by cop ‘failed to drop his gun despite being asked five times because of significant hearing loss from Vietnam War’” by Hannah Parry dated 2 August 2018 and updated 3 August … Continue reading

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Ultimately, They’re Fundamentally Bimbos

Happy Halloween. How fitting given the darkening of births in Murica. The future belongs to men with access to pussy, as it has always been. The political elite of the NWO Trust are never rapists, too big to fail. The … Continue reading

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Ethics and Slavery

Hawaiian Libertarian reposted “Starve This Beast” on 06 June 2015. Because I have mental issues, I responded with a comment that exceeds the maximum 4096 characters. It is the following text, not including the tag line. @Keoni, your functional characterization … Continue reading

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