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HPD Chief Art Acevedo Lied About Hit

This post is a followup to my post “Behold, the Lady Killer”. I came across The Burning Platform post “‘They Did Not Deal Drugs’: Neighbors of Slain Couple Who Shot 4 Cops Refute Official Story” dated 31 January 2019. The … Continue reading

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Behold, the Lady Killer

Rape fantasy is accepted fact among rational red pill men. In light of the fact that Netflix is exercising its custodial obligation to or authority as the trust too big to fail, I have occasion to opine on the topic … Continue reading

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Why They Hate You

For the past 500 years of modernity the white man has dominated. We are now in postmodern times yet to be positively identified. The naming of American generations since the Baby Boomers are all impersonal names. The character of each … Continue reading

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How Christianity Became Libtardfa

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As my regular readers will know, I maintain that Socialism is the evolutionary child and heir of Christianity. The Western inheritance is of course being consumed by Islam. I just had an epiphany I will now share. The white man … Continue reading

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A New Alt-Right Is Risen!

Roissy serendipity did it again! As far as I know the Manosphere was born in 2009 in the comments section of the “Roisy in DC” blog, at roissy.wordpress.com. There the PUAs and MRAs compared notes. Funny thing, the Interwebz. As … Continue reading

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The Problem With Transitional Whiteness

The question Aeoli Pera puts before us today is: “The root of the problem in Western Christianity (I suspect)”. I can read the problem only with my biases, but I think the problem he is addressing is Christian cuckoldry. I … Continue reading

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Whypoz Is Why

It is the same genes whites have always had, CH. Everything makes sense if one goes low enough in the perspective of their fellow Americans, whyte or not. This global decline is unprecedented in terms of intercommunication, graft, etc. The … Continue reading

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