1.1 Western Man’s Malaise

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“Nothing personal.” It is courtesy balm on the wound of expropriation. It is a catch phrase of cannibalistic resolution under the veneer of civilized reciprocity in the face-to-face trenches. Such phraseology could be constructively used by the beleaguered producer to assuage the feelings of his gently thwarted stooge cannibal. More commonly it is used to assuage the feelings of the sacrificial lamb, though the gently expropriating cannibal may find self-assurance in her compassion.

Everything is personal. Everything an individual does socially is a behavioral product of modal capacity resultant from internal selection, perhaps determined involuntarily, subconsciously, or coercively, but so what? Self-selected and -actuated behavior is fundamental to what we call life. This life we live is mortal and competitive; individual consequences are personal and interconnected. Responsibility is therefore fundamental to life, though not on a comprehensively individualized basis or else rights actually would be universal and inviolable. The rights of Western people are now degenerate customs granted by the state and withdrawn in exceptional cases for the common good. I will prove that all nontrivial economies of the world are shrinking by design. You may adapt by debasing your modal capacity. Nothing personal. Self-selected and -actuated behavior is fundamental to freedom, democracy, progress, and joy only if you mind. “It’s mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Enjoy the courtesy balm shared by teeming locust-chattel everywhere. They are winning at the polls. Join and be a winner too!

This is the pending story of the Western man at the dawn of the 21st century who aspires to be the philosopher-king of his castle with only the compulsion of sound citizenship. His final judgment looms. To wit, herein is charted and projected the unfolding conclusion of the second great Western civilization from the perspective of the truly democratic man. Do not presume to know what I mean. The readers for whom I write this are primarily Western men whose civilized aspirations can be awakened and honed for the final judgment test of our Western genus of self-determinism, our Western heritage. We need to form the superlative cultures of a newly foremost Western heritage with our combined manhoods, to embody and dictate an unprecedented human formulation of competition and cooperation, or we will go extinct as free men. My personal motivation is to lead now while any viable tools of civilization are yet at my disposal. I am not endowed with the physical attributes to win a prolonged survivalist test. Begrudgingly, I deploy myself into the theater of public opinion without cover of anonymity.

I’ve done this before without success. In the aftermath of the dot com bust, I realized my life was not mine own, that I had been played. Being an American, I investigated manipulation of the U.S. labor market by Congress and of interest rates by the Federal Reserve System. The control matrix unfurled before me. I researched and wrote a nonfiction manuscript on my findings full time over roughly three years, exhausting the better part of my savings. I was poorer financially, but something humanizing happened. That malaise I had had crystallized into factual discoveries that illuminated fundamental truths. I failed to become a self-employed, self-published author, but the political landscape became clear and navigable to me. I tried to market my manuscript and my ideas, to just share my ideas, but I never fully got through to one person. I miserably failed to gain public acceptance. I was not exactly a people person, but I had a critical message and tried to find reception for it in various groups. The Tea Party culture was alien to me, obtuse I think. I am a libertarian, as in classic liberal, and a rationalist. Small government is not a social remedy but a social hallmark. The 9/12 groups were about the same, extolling the social rectitude of Christianity and status quo conservatism. Never mind the Christian Dark Ages or Republican traditionalism going back to last week. A veterans’ group I approached in person jealously guarded their government stores of glory. Like the Tea Party, the Campaign for Liberty I have been happy to support in spirit and occasional presence. My resources have long been limited. Ron Paul is an exemplary man of monumental integrity, but a successful liberation movement can’t hinge upon one man working transparently within the establishment’s peripheral governance. Any fan of The Godfather would know to expect defeat under the close scrutiny of an adversary. Hell, I’ve tried reaching the public by college radio, going by the name ‘Reality’ Doug.

Now I am trying this. Why? It is the interesting convergence of two things: (1) the stymied gestation of a comprehensive declaration of my philosophy and morality, and (2) my tortuous discovery of the Manosphere. In a word, the interesting essence of the confluence is: evolution.

1 Response to 1.1 Western Man’s Malaise

  1. David says:

    Is your book in PDF form?

    [RD: No, it’s not. It remains unfinished too. I don’t see any net reward in trying to warn people, so I stopped with posting in html what readable prose I had. Maybe I can get some blog traffic from it. The license does not prohibit you from copying and redistributing in any format so long as certain terms are met to include no editing of the wording, no commercial use, but giving me credit, and retaining the license terms. The license is more lenient on personal, unpublished use. This text is not any license and does not regulate or convey permission from me in any way: refer to the license for the normative terms.]

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