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Oblivious to Dark Enlightenment

Summary: Blaming politicians for betrayal is like blaming liberated women for betrayal. Inner game teaches us that cooperation with players is a natural sin. Sin no more. We don’t pin our hopes and our very lives and the future existence … Continue reading

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Ultimately, They’re Fundamentally Bimbos

Happy Halloween. How fitting given the darkening of births in Murica. The future belongs to men with access to pussy, as it has always been. The political elite of the NWO Trust are never rapists, too big to fail. The … Continue reading

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The INTP’s #MeToo

Relampago Furioso’s been tearing it up lately. I hope he’s not investing too much into blogging at the detriment of pursuing life, liberty, and happiness, such as the truly rational bachelor can. That would be us single male INTPs. Objective … Continue reading

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The Problem With Transitional Whiteness

The question Aeoli Pera puts before us today is: “The root of the problem in Western Christianity (I suspect)”. I can read the problem only with my biases, but I think the problem he is addressing is Christian cuckoldry. I … Continue reading

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