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Profits Uber Alles

You have no property rights, starting with the money you use. Therefore, you have no economic rights and are structurally underemployed or unemployed. You may not survey customer demand unless you first start your business and you can’t start a … Continue reading

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Hollywood Tax Farming

What do the movies Avatar and American Sniper have in common? Sheeple glorify or worship fear as virtue. That is a huge lie that requires conspiracy and neurosis. The Bully Sheeple Destroyer Pattern is a methodical way to expose a … Continue reading

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I Deserve

There is a serious entitlement problem in the Unites States and the West. It is related to the serious accountability problem. Money keeps score and there is inflation cheating going on. Wealth is by definition scarce. So is relative rank. … Continue reading

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Occam’s Chick Razor

You really need to deprogram yourself. Yes, you. Alright, let’s see if I mean you you. Do you think women are complicated? Do you think women have emotions more than men? Do you think women have moral agency? Do you … Continue reading

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The World’s New Record Overpriced Vagina and Counting?

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According to various online sources, Sue Ann Arnall was the SECOND! wife of oil magnate Harold Hamm. They have two children as the result of a 26-year marriage, and he has no prenuptial agreement (which would hardly be a guarantee … Continue reading

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Pussy Is

Being nice is being inferior with superior potential if you are dealing with animalistic relativists, and you are every day. Likability requires relatively higher status not win-win benefits. The latter is a civilized concept. Save civilized niceties for the civilized … Continue reading

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Having Children Does Not Make You Better Than Me at Parenting or Anything

So I’m reading Clarey’s “That Baby Boomer Legacy Must Suck,” dated 14 January 2015: EVERYBODY knows what the WWII generation did. EVERYBODY knows what they suffered and endured. But when you compare the baby boomers and what they (lacked) to … Continue reading

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