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Operation Realist

For some four months I have been banned from commenting on The Burning Platform (TBP). My crime: doing unto Stucky what Stucky did unto me perhaps a week later. No one in the comment club batted a digital eye on … Continue reading

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Fanged Vagina Disheartened by Clown World

By the tech gods, have I not with this gone too far? Never mind that I am unable to earn a living, that I never had a career, a wife, or children. Never mind that all the vaginas are owned … Continue reading

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The Worshippers: A Case in Point

Until a man makes his identity a thinking perception decorated by feeling perception, he is a drone-slave. Drones and parasites are mainly motivated by fear. When fear is formalized into a virtue, it is sanctified cowardice. That is what the … Continue reading

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A Whale’s Tale

Goodbye, land whale grist—, Though I never knew you that well at all, ‘Cause on personality alone, definitely WNB. Ain’t no harm in Yellen, If you’re Obama bin Bernankified—, They sent you to charge their dodgers, But one man’s charge … Continue reading

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What Was She Thinking?

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There is no reason evolution, a greedy algorithm, would pay the expense of turning off a woman’s social relativism imperative. Every woman views herself as a piece of meat, or else why wear make-up, false eye lashes, special bras for … Continue reading

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Pussy Is

Being nice is being inferior with superior potential if you are dealing with animalistic relativists, and you are every day. Likability requires relatively higher status not win-win benefits. The latter is a civilized concept. Save civilized niceties for the civilized … Continue reading

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Prepare To Be Tested, Boyz

Hello, class. Pop quiz. If you’ve been following along with the curriculum here or elsewhere, I feel confident that you will ace it. Watch this video from dating coach DeAnna Lorraine entitled ‘How to be a more “Marriage-Material” Woman.’   … Continue reading

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Consequences? What the fuck you mean consequences? That’s a great vid by ‘Joe Blow’ called “Why you women can’t find a husband in 29 seconds!” —‘Reality’ Doug, 10 September 2014

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Quote of the Day, 31 March 2014

From user ‘Rainbow 1245’, about an iOS ebook app: If you want me to use this app, you’ll have to maneuver my cold, dead index finger. Charlton Heston would be proud. —‘Reality’ Doug, 31 March 2014

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Daddy Dildo

Using a fully featured vibrator, but still feeling empty inside? Big G not wrapping his strapping arms around you at night? You just want to belong with tactile meaning. Hypergamous Zombies Solutions has the answer! Introducing the newly patented maybe, … Continue reading

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