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What Was She Thinking?

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There is no reason evolution, a greedy algorithm, would pay the expense of turning off a woman’s social relativism imperative. Every woman views herself as a piece of meat, or else why wear make-up, false eye lashes, special bras for … Continue reading

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Pussy Is

Being nice is being inferior with superior potential if you are dealing with animalistic relativists, and you are every day. Likability requires relatively higher status not win-win benefits. The latter is a civilized concept. Save civilized niceties for the civilized … Continue reading

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Prepare To Be Tested, Boyz

Hello, class. Pop quiz. If you’ve been following along with the curriculum here or elsewhere, I feel confident that you will ace it. Watch this video from dating coach DeAnna Lorraine entitled ‘How to be a more “Marriage-Material” Woman.’   … Continue reading

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Consequences? What the fuck you mean consequences? That’s a great vid by ‘Joe Blow’ called “Why you women can’t find a husband in 29 seconds!” —‘Reality’ Doug, 10 September 2014

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Quote of the Day, 31 March 2014

From user ‘Rainbow 1245’, about an iOS ebook app: If you want me to use this app, you’ll have to maneuver my cold, dead index finger. Charlton Heston would be proud. —‘Reality’ Doug, 31 March 2014

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Daddy Dildo

Using a fully featured vibrator, but still feeling empty inside? Big G not wrapping his strapping arms around you at night? You just want to belong with tactile meaning. Hypergamous Zombies Solutions has the answer! Introducing the newly patented maybe, … Continue reading

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