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Good Business Is Personal Business

Commenter Amasius at CH provided a must-see link to proof that not only is the USSR gubbermint putting you out of a job, but they are also getting you to waste even more of your time, money, and energy on … Continue reading

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Guerrilla Aidfare or Feigned Tourette’s Syndrome

Recognizing Aidfare Waged Upon Us This article will provide analysis and a subsequent strategy for creating a Personal Seduction Network (PSN) as an income stream. As the economy shrinks into more desperate times, more desperate measures will become viable. The … Continue reading

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Dear Reader

Why did the Seduction Community and Manosphere develop so incredibly well? I think peer review is a key ingredient. Dear reader, I solicit your peer review. It occurs to me that my writing is not very good, though I have … Continue reading

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Social and Seduction Skills Training

Price: Free. Region: Greater Greenville, SC. Availability: During winter 2013 as expedient, then reevaluate. Time and Place: Scheduled per demand and my availability. Skill Level: Introductory, for newbies. Keywords: alpha, beta, evolution theory, feminism, fiat money, manosphere, misandry, pickup artist, … Continue reading

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Radio Aspirations

This installment of my blog is my shameless attempt at networking. I told you upfront, and I fart on shaming language at this point. It’s funny, but asking for what you want is critical step #2. Knowing what you want … Continue reading

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