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Again, the Motive Is Instincts

Test your game reading skills. Follow the link to video footage and explain in the comments section (1) why the large man entered the fray when and how he did, and (2) why the other man (assisted by a third … Continue reading

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A Critique of Vox’s Socio-Sexual Hierarchy

Courtesy of the Didact’s Reach post “Explaining the Socio-Sexual Hierarchy” dated 13 November 2018, I watched this video: How the fuck do I get default paragraph spacing for the text after this fucking embedded youtube video without losing the default … Continue reading

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A New Alt-Right Is Risen!

Roissy serendipity did it again! As far as I know the Manosphere was born in 2009 in the comments section of the “Roisy in DC” blog, at There the PUAs and MRAs compared notes. Funny thing, the Interwebz. As … Continue reading

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Esoteric Alphaizing Pull

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The female instinct for perfidious, malevolent social engineering by her persona shell game of AB/BF is well known to us. After learning about Red Pill for myself and having my own ideas about it, I’ve always felt that women are … Continue reading

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First Peak Around the Beta Mask

thwack asked some questions by comment in my previous post “Secret Society Communication”: “She is connecting with her accomplice and insider peers to demonstrate higher value” Can a whore demonstrate higher value while still being a whore? Who does she … Continue reading

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Secret Society Communication

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Via a comment left by Captain Wacko For Men at the latest CH post, I came across the smut journalism photo above. The picture is part of the TMZ exposé post “Team USA Basketball Players in Rio ‘Brothel’ … Oops, … Continue reading

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Social Tension Is Sheeple Relevance

As CH has explained many times, negative feelings from a woman are more conducive to her ‘vote’ than no feelings at all. A vector has magnitude and direction. Absolute magnitude is energy, sheeple interest energy. Direction can be changed by … Continue reading

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