1.3 The Struggle

Copyright © ‘Reality’ Doug 2013

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The contest for your vitality is so constant that initially you did not notice it, like a good boy. You paid parents and teachers in thought and behavior just because. The just because shelters the mentally deficient child or parent, but smothers the mentally capable youth or adult. Were you required to gradually take the reigns of your vitality and mature into an adult stewardship of democratic inheritance? The vitality payments continue, all very voluntarily and democratically. Pay the woman of woo in money, time, labor, mental occupation, compliance. Pay government bureaucrats, religious officials, institutional volunteers, precious strangers, hapless poor—all for your own good, your piece of the common good unsullied by coveted rarity which is wealth. Be spiritually rich in your back-to-basics shelter, the lap of plentiful scarcity, the perfective progress of social harmony, with a graduated distribution of producer specialists at one extreme and consumer specialists at the other. Those who would describe the system as hierarchical with producer specialists on the bottom and consumer specialists on the top can only be haters, bigots, sexists, racists, blah, blah, blah. What shame language and reeducation can’t correct, armed bureaucrats and peace-keepers solve as a last resort.

Actions speak louder than words because nature does not redeem protestations. Neither does nature permit inconsistencies. The principles of common good are not applied consistently, they can’t be, but the long train of well-funded, government-enabled efforts to impose a communal dependency using psychological and physical coercion is Fabian relentless. A long train of abuses and usurpations consistent with a design to reduce people under absolute despotism was adequate proof for Thomas Jefferson. You are smarter?

Conquest is a normal human activity. Resources are limited and we are social. We successfully compete for those limited resources or die. This is nature happening. Social sophistication cannot supplant nature. Absolute inadequacy is terminal. Weakness is upgradeable by trade-in. Nothing is wasted. We are recycled, some sooner than others. The substance of the universe is relentlessly reorganized, and might makes right. Where do you fit in? Under the armpit of all-powerful strangers? Would you cultivate a personal flea population given the choice? A practical man has use for allies and livestock.

Business is personal is business. Friends improve friends’ vitality, or they aren’t friends. Natural selection says so. Most ‘friends’ can’t share sincerely about politics or religion, which is disguised dependency politics. The reverting hominids are domestication bound.

The problem for us is that Western husbands no longer practice the requisite husbandry over their wives and children. The state tends to that quasi-livestock now, and they are being aggrandized for our complete reduction. You are a contestant in the game of life, endowed with the vitality to compete for limited resources. Elites recognize and want your vitality, to harness it or kill it outright. Your place is in your vitality until it’s gone and you are dead.

Gilded Ageism is doing better than ever. That which does not kill a thing makes that thing stronger. Western patriarchy is not dead; it’s game, and it’s better than ever, now 100% mangina free. Game IS the struggle of select Western men best played using guerrilla tactics on female useful idiots within feminized political limits to compete for the superlative limited nationalized resource: pussy. Game ‘wants’ to evolve into a systematized patriarchy and the first human society fit for interplanetary expansion. What E. O. Wilson’s Sociobiology did for science I hope this writing will do for civic patriarchy and civilized freedom. It’s time to put all the pieces together and discover wisdom. By having lost patriarchy known to nearly all men who ever lived, we have before us the opportunity to know patriarchy like no men who have ever lived. The technology is us.

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