The Churn, Beta Bait, and the Neg: An Evolutionary Cheat Code

I just had a minor epiphany, and I am sharing it with you, all today. Though I can’t properly field test this idea any time soon, I feel confident that it is exactly right. The secret to proper deployment of the neg is revealed now by yours truly. Like I have written before, I am a talented theorist. Getting in the field work is my problem.

You and I both know that the neg is a bit nebulous as explained before now, and that being an asshole without the right context of challenging a woman’s assumptions or otherwise treating yourself to contested resources does not work. I think Mystery came up with the term neg. A lexicon of terms with their credits is at the back of Neil Strauss’ book The Game.

I am going to tell you the experience I had today that caused me to reflect and figure out the exactly right thing to have communicated, in words and body language. Then I am going to give you the theory that explains it, revisit today’s experience as an example of the theory in simulated action, and work another example from the only other time I recall getting beta bait. That’s two instances of recognized beta bait in 3 years and 3 months of studying and field testing modern seduction per evo theory, which will make perfect sense.

I was exercising at the park, a cool down walk after jogging and itself an exercise, of my charm. Being around humans is a chance to exercise vibe and self-centered focus. Not a legitimate hot babe (HB), but hot for her age, I estimate late 30s, with a very nice figure and pretty much everything except for the age, was walking toward me on the sidewalk. She had what looked to be the marriage hardware, and usually I wouldn’t open a woman under those circumstances, but the situational opener was just too good to pass up. Like I said, field experience is not something I get a lot.

Some of you are thinking, Don’t be a pussy. My policy is to not shit where I eat. I frequent this park and its the only decent place I can run on ground (vegetation and soil) at length. If you want to push the envelop to where she is likely to cry for a white knight, have your bases covered not a husband not far behind. As I explained in an earlier post, I am working on slowing down my thoughts and social interactions so I can better observe others and myself in the moment.

So I do the situational opener. “Hey, let’s go for a run!” I said it with a playful smile knowing she would say no. She had some sort of brace on her foot. Maybe her enthusiastic response was something like ‘I wish I could’. Turns out she was a runner, which explains the slim figure, somewhere close to 6′ tall. We pass each other but we each turn a bit to maintain the channel of communication. I didn’t turn my whole body.

The last thing she said to me was ‘I have a stress fracture in my foot’ with words and ‘poor me’ with body language. This time, unlike the last time some time ago, I did not take the beta bait (a term that as far as I know originates with Château Heartiste, perhaps when he was Roissy). However, I was at a loss for how to respond. I don’t remember my exact response, but is was something understanding and somewhat sympathetic in words, but in body language I expressed it was not important to me. I said my acknowledgment over my shoulder and kept on walking.

I am introducing a new term I coined not more than a few weeks ago in writing for the first time:

Churn – The gratuitous, self-centered, antiprogressive, and relentless conflict for relative rank between animals.

Churn is incompatible with property rights suitable for wealth creation and stewardship, with wealth itself, and culture. Think of the foaming ocean upon which nothing can be built and against which everything is worn down. Churn is essentially the noncultural and perhaps precultural social norms of animals. Culture is on a continuum from animal (degenerate case of not cultural) to savage to barbaric to civilized, but the requirement to use force and resolve competing desires conscious or unconscious never goes away.

Animals are amoral, and to express that I used the words ‘self-centered’ and ‘antiprogressive’ rather than the word ‘selfish’. I think it is better to regard selfishness as something rather in amoral evolutionary terms. A human with cultural capacity can be selfish only for having the capacity to be cooperative as an understood general rule even with other humans not personally known.

I remind you of alpha fux/beta bux and offer this definition:

Beta Bait – A fitness/shit test checking the two critical traits of the Wild Alpha™ mentality: (1) rhetorical mastery, and (2) uncompromising self-interest.

Beta bait is a very difficult test, until now, because it requires the coordinated conveyance of two concepts that are naturally incompatible. The trick is to acknowledge her pain (her suffering with the wrong feelingz) but superficially and thereby simultaneously affirm your self-interest as the sole criterion for how you spend your vitality and live your life.

Beta bait is used by discerning women who want to identify a Wild Alpha™ of mind immediately. I expect this test is used by very attractive women, or formerly so, who see the cock carousel as a perquisite of high society. In other words, these women have a very high self-esteem, of the female variety, and thus have very cerebral rationalization hamsters. She wants the emotional experience of alpha full bore. She wants a great mind fuck with her sausage penetration. (Of course, I am only theorizing and ultimately speculating until and unless I get f-closes from seductions that deal with beta bait, and more than a handful.)

Neg – A demonstration of rhetorical mastery by simultaneously expressing graceful but insincere sympathy and uncompromising preoccupation with one’s lower (acultural) masculinity.

If you are not a native speaker of English, the examples below will not entirely make sense to you until you understand the nuances of English idioms. That is just the way it is. Being foreign has its advantages, but advanced rhetoric requires a thorough understanding of prevailing idioms. Go with your strengths and work on weaknesses you can’t hide or that can become strengths.

Now let’s put the theory into simulated action.

My second beta bait test ever to my knowledge with revision:

Her: “I have a stress fracture in my foot.” [Makes poutful face and posture.]

Old Me: “I hope it heals soon.” [Keep walking and don’t take beta bait.]

New Me: “I hope it heals soon. So far your figure is holding up great. I should have guessed you are a runner.” [Keep talking and charismatically reject beta bait.]

The context for my first beta bait test ever, to my knowledge, was me walking into a club and then the upper level with the dance floor and all the action. I was seriously big into vibe at that time, as a skill to acquire and internalized not simply a fundamental to remember. I ran into an hb8 who locked her eyes on me. I thought it was my lucky night, for about 5 seconds. She referred to a woman on the dance floor, let’s suppose in a blue dress. Dancing Chick is an hb6 on a good day.

My first beta bait test ever to my knowledge, and not perfectly remembered, with revised response:

Her: “That girl over there dancing, in the blue dress, I wish I could be as hot as her. She gets all the guys.”

Old Me: “No, you’re beautiful. You’re way better looking than she is. Believe me, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” [She goes cold.]

New Me: “At least your boobs are better.” [I smirk. Not sure what happens next. I never hit a beta bait test outta the park yet. I will keep my self-centered alpha frame, not invest in her, but let her invest in me.]

Beta bait is rare, at least from what I’ve seen. Maybe your negs should be just as rare. If your negging feels awkward, it is probably because the target never gave you the social context in which to use it. I suggest working on vibe, approach, reading, frame, eye contact and manipulation, and set leadership, which is to say the fundamentals.

When you get the beta bait, you will know what to do. Give her insincere sympathy and shiv her female ‘self-esteem’ in the looks department. Women are highly refined animals, and with liberation are players mating with players and razing anything good about people like locusts with quickly depreciating vaggies. Get it while it’s hot, playa.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 18 April 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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