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I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?

Black Swan: Izz Told Ya Sow

I told you the Left coalition would have to turn on itself, fracture, feed. In particular, I wrote “Black Solidarity Shedding White Progressivism,” dated 12 December 2012, and “Finally Death Dealt to the Enablers,” dated 03 November 2015. It took … Continue reading

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My Second Salute to Liberated White Women

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My emotional weakness is demonstrative. I must vent. I was browsing the Drudge Report and came across some articles from The Sun ( “MINUTES FROM MASS MURDER Suicide bomber Salman Abedi caught on CCTV in lift to Manchester Arena wearing … Continue reading

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My Service Salute to Liberated White Women

Dear White Women, Women in the West are indispensable to the current Western order and function, and most of those women are, of course, white like you. It was you, white women, who have contributed like no other women at … Continue reading

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Red Pill Groupistan

Again I can’t post comments at CH, certainly not in a timely way, so I post here again. This is what SteveRodger42 posted as a comment to “Shitlibistan Smoking” dated 10 February 2017: You’re right about those traits in this … Continue reading

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Psychological Abuse Makes the Global Decline Go ‘Round

A comment by Canadian Friend on CH’s post “Days of Rage” dated 9 February 2017 began: “One advantage the left has is they do not fight fair, they respect no rules, they cheat and then lie about what just happened.” … Continue reading

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CH Has Been in DC Too Long

I expect the following comment did not post, and what’s new? My brilliant comment from yesterday didn’t make it, for you crazies, btw. 😦 Yesterday, wolfie65 nailed it about Kushner (took me a while to see it). True again but … Continue reading

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Sally B. ‘Blackening Ready’ Brown

It is so easy to take the leap of faith into a nonsensical explanation. Lightening is not God’s anger. Ozone in the stratosphere is a good thing. Seizures are not the work of demonic spirits. Crazy is not the liberated … Continue reading

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