Courtship Vs. Mating

Courtship is moribund except as a con. When birds court they are exploring a contractual obligation to nest together, and the female of course cheats on the male. When there is civilized patriarchy, there is courtship for a contract trading exclusive and full female sexual value and female support for male husbandry and protection. Homo marriage is just a distraction from the husbandry appropriate for women and immature children.

As women test the bounds of their liberation over time, particularly with the females who are fresh and inexperienced, they learn that they can live more and more closely according to their whims. Corruption is a Ponzi scheme that must repeatedly double down to be maintained. Pretty soon women will be striking men in the testicles just to find a man who will hit back and potentially be a much desired, at the instinctive level, personal authority figure.

Apparently, if I may go by Wikipedia, the Triune Brain Model originated in the 1960s and is inaccurate in the correlation of evolution to its functional boundaries, but the mind is certainly a mind of minds, a complex composite of many processing centers that do work at the instinctive level, the emotional level, and the intellectual level. It’s functional mapping is sound and insightful as is the mind topography of Freud’s Psychoanalysis that led to Edward Bernay’s social science of public relations or propaganda.

I think Erik von Markovic (Mystery) successfully developed a wordy conversational pickup style because of the times in which he honed his Game. I don’t think there is a need for that now. I just watched a video that I think closely but not perfectly aligns with my theories (or only hypotheses so far).

In the video, Dr. Clotaire Rapaille identifies:

  1. the reptilian button, what Mystery called a ‘trigger’, as of primary importance in marketing,
  2. that ‘love’ does not need a ‘reason’ because the limbic system is more primitive and fundamental than the cortex (and the masses rationalize rather than realize), and
  3. that the cortex or intellect creates an ‘alibi’ for what instinctive or emotional choices we make.

I think that cold reason is the foundation of any emotion approaching love because to love something is to appreciate its intrinsic value. Contextual advantage to gene survival and replication is not intrinsic any more than lust is love. You are irrelevant context to what you love, in ideal terms; but you are the measure of all things in what you lust. The people Dr. Rapaille is describing are really sheeple: they are not fully human. The classic alibi from modern mythology is: “Do you want to see my record collection.” I refused to accept that a woman could be so dumb in my youth, and I could not have been more wrong.

What I am saying, guys, is hit the reptilian button and let your target lead or assist you on logistics and a comfortable narrative rationalization. Don’t fix what ain’t broken, just hit those attraction triggers and create an attraction that can’t wait and can’t imagine not having you fully. I’ve never been much of a conversationalist in pickup. I don’t know if that is a sign of the times or my personality.

Here is the video.

Because I want to be able to watch the following videos without logging in and ‘confirming my age’, I present the following videos that you have probably seen before, but damn they are funny.

Sheeple are of the old human mind design, of the Pleasure Principle. The fully human mind by the standard of responsibilities necessary with modern technology is of the Reality Principle. Per evolution and game theory, there can only be one cultural level in a jurisdiction, and I want it to be high culture not low (savage) culture or the non-culture of animals. You were born into a contest, and any cooperation that hurts your competitiveness is not your moral responsibility. If you decide from your limbic system, someone else has made the choice for you. Pushing human evolution upward is virtue; pushing it down is vice. In civilization your indirect relationships with people you’ll never meet are more important than the direct relationships with the people you do. You will know what I mean when ‘it’ is gone enough for you to miss it. It is hard to fight the absence of empowering culture, is it not?

Courting is a cultural construct (for humans, birds I don’t know). Mating on feelzzzzz is purely animal. Hide your high culture behind a suit of feelzzzzzz and keep you emotions separate and to yourself for the most part. Feelz is just another way to advertise, or lie, and the game you cannot escape so long as sheeple are liberated as if they were people.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 03 April 2015


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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