Paging the Red Pill Messiah

[Update: I fucking watched today’s episode, April 27th, of Dr. Oz. Yuck. I was under the impression from the tweets that the Roosh segment would air today. If you follow the link, it suggests it will air tomorrow, April 28th. We know what didn’t air on 20/20. An hour wasted. If you have something like TiVo to record and replay at your leisure, yah, use it.]

There is a disturbance in the force.

Easier said than done on a TV set I know but consider the frame control in the Dr. Oz trailer. When Dr. Oz passionately cries, “Fat shaming doesn’t work,” it would be my strategy to reframe it and say, (a) “Yes, it does,” (b) “It is not simply wanton meanness,” and (c) “We can’t save everyone”:

  • The cultural worth of women is in their value under contractual sex.
  • The value of women, and Americans generally, has plummeted.
  • Are you denying that there is a fat epidemic, or that it is a threat to our society and are happiness.
  • Fat shaming is the cure to fat acceptance, which is acceptance of parenting children without a nuclear family with a father who knows best and a mother who is a valuable wife.
  • Once we accept that there is a serious problem here, unlike global warming, we can look at what is wrong with fat people: chronic stress in a debt slavery economy. Parasympathetic system, etc., etc. Steer the conversation. The guy is a fucking docter but not a psychologist.
  • So are you a doctor of psychology or pathology when you say fat shaming does not work?
  • Does effective surgery cause physical harm? If the average sheeple does not feel more pain staying the same rather than trying to reach her potential, the sheeple will not change. The current state of affairs with helpless people is a crisis. We are sitting ducks to Muslim extremists, corrupt politicians, racially motivated goons, etc.
  • Do you believe we are produces of evolution. Are we subject to the laws of nature. Do you propose that we should aspire to save everyone no matter the cost, even if the price is our country?

Obviously, Roosh is more experienced and composed here on the Dr. Oz show than Julien Blanc was on CNN. It is a promising direction of change. I though I saw some fleeting manifestations of George Clooney charisma. However, without having seen the Oz episode, only the trailer, from what I’ve seen it’s not enough. It will be necessary to seduce and spank these MSM pundits like rented plates to achieve any sort of victory with political potency. Like women, clones only care about superlative authority. But when the army first moves, if it does, it will be surprisingly sudden to most.

I think someone with the charisma of Jesus as depicted in the Gospel will have a clone army at his disposal in this window of opportunity. Seduction on mass media is something we have yet to take seriously, but the evolutionary path is there calling for a messiah. Is there any doubt that the message of the MSM Dr. Oz’s is off track and that nature abhors a vacuum this fucking big? I don’t see that the big names of the Manosphere and Seduction Community are applying the scientific method to MSM seduction. Let’s get the fuck moving, gentlemen.

As my regular readers know, pussy is politics. Evolution is no lie.

—‘Reality’ Doug, 27 April 2015

About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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