Compliance Testing Your Ass

The first day of the Republican National Convention (RNC) was yesterday. Melania Trump, the prospective First Lady, gave the final (but not really keynote) speech. Curious is the fact that her speech appears to be a plagiarism of an analogous speech given by the wife of the Ineffable Hussein.

The Donald does not suffer fools. He is proud to ‘work with the best’. We see that in business and politics he beats the best and then gets them to join his mission. Don’t think for a second that he would marry a woman who was not his great asset, who did not make his life much better. He isn’t the average American man. He is known for handling both the big picture and the little details. I must conclude that he knew Melania’s speech would be a rough copy of Michelle’s. The question is why. I have a hypothesis for your consideration.

There are two aspect to my hypothesis: (1) escalation into a ‘more intimate’ police state, and (2) preliminary compliance testing.

The Ineffiable Hussein is on record, and with Fox News no less, for having advocated the creation of a police state during ‘his’ 2008 campaign on July 2nd.

There can be no doubt of that goal. It is imperative for government corruption and exploitation to intensify its force of compliance to remain in existence, because they looooove the gravy train. There is a catch: it could trigger a revolution that removes them from power. Once again, from PUA comes wisdom.

Donald Trump is the establishment because the establishment does not let just anyone have billions. Just ask the Hunt brothers. Trump would never be the philanthropist sock puppet that is Bill Gates; no, being a sock puppet is everyone else’s job, yours and mine, damn white men. And Bill Gates, no chump in the world, totally outmaneuvered IBM and Steve Jobs. That is how great Trump is with details both social and technical, greater than Bill Gates. He has the loudest comb-over in history, no chin per the alleged great Chinatown heist (they have all the Chins, get it?), and yet Donald’s nothin’ but alpha.

He played the media for fools to promote his Republican nomination without spending a dime on them, unbeknownst to them. Scott Adams has described that nicely on his blog.

Trump is a player if there ever was one.

Observe that cult of personality has been, is becoming, and must continue to become more important to the function of moribund America. This U.S. presidential election of 2016 is distinct for being the first, at least in a long time, that pits a cult persona against a cult persona with the two and only establishment parties. Oh, the joys of tell-a-vision.

Exhibit A: Donald Trump stated on 23 January 2016 at one of his rallies, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

That is totally fucking sick to say. The most ‘reasonable’ interpretation I can think of, if he is really to be considered a candidate of the oppressed American people, is that he was saying fuck you to gun control to appeal to angry voters on the right. Recall that a neg is really just a laconic statement and delivery (or body language statement) that does several things correctly to advance the seduction. I believe that the best negs will just happen automatically at opportune times with an internalized understanding of many seduction principles and techniques meeting a convergence of social dynamics in play, so don’t force the neg.

I think there is a better alternative, or at least a more important, explanation for Trump’s ‘Fifth Avenue’ statement: compliance testing. Playaz gonna play. I posit he was playing his base for the observational benefit of the very apex people of the Western Establishment, those fucking globalists. Why would he not play regular dumbass Americans like he plays the ‘sophisticated’ media people?

As not quite exhibit worthy, I mention that after Trump was out in front for the Republican nomination, there was a period of about a month, perhaps in April 2016, that he seemed to be an attack dog without a clue. He was counterattacking against nothing, and turning people off. His style was decidedly try-hard. I suspect he was testing where the boundary was for general support necessary to win the White House.

Exhibit B: Hillary Clinton was investigated with much public attention for improperly handling classified information on a private email server during roughly the entire race for the Democrat nomination. I remember some pundit saying on TV that if the Rod Ham got the nomination the charges would go away, and that is exactly what happened. The question is why?

I don’t feel comfortable with any answer I can give. I think there are critical details left out of the public discourse. Was Barack threatening Hillary with criminal prosecution? Campaiging is demanding work. I did not see Hillary look particularly stressed like the scandal had a negative impact on her performance. Were the bureaucrats at the DOJ sincere about serving the American people but scared the Rod Ham might become their boss and fire their asses? lol

I am of the opinion, little more than a suspicion based on tons of circumstantial evidence I have forgotten though, that members of Congress, the people of the presidential administration from the top down, the members of the Supreme Court, etc., etc., are generally corrupt and generally living by privileged rules that are far above what we are taught exists and are allowed to enjoy. If you are a Kennedy, you can drive drunk into a road barrier on Capital Hill without legal consequences, for example. Anthony Wiener must have expected no negative consequences to texting his bulging undies pic, or why risk it? Can’t hit on a women in person?, in D.C.?, while a member of Congress? You think he got caught the very first time he acted like he was an entitled child in adult candy land and did not have a habit of presumed privilege? Pleaze.

I posit that the email scandal, pressed hard by the establishment media, was more compliance testing. You will note that she still got the nomination and still could win according to the polling numbers.

Exhibit C: Bilderberg Group did not meet in Chantilly, Virginia, USA (close to D.C.) in 2016. Bilderberg meets annually over the first weekend in June. In 2008 and 2012 they met at Chantilly. In 2008 the press following the Ineffiable were ‘kidnapped’ so Hillary and Obama could have a ‘private’ meeting, like they can’t find a private room at will.

You would think, given that Trump is Satan from the pro-establishment position whether Democrat or Republican, that Bilderberg would be really scared of Trump being elected to lead the still most powerful country in the world. There is a U.S. empire, and you can expect the benefits to be consolidated relentlessly to the bitter end, which means that third worlders have been milked for all they are worth economically in their native lands and as a flood cheaply bough on your tax payments will push you under for all you are worth. Empires eventually redound exploitation on the natives of the homeland.

Bilderberg 2016 met in Dresden, Germany. They are more concerned with the reelection of Angela Merkel, who is doing wonders for the future of her sexual market value. Got to keep the conquest going and the fun dick plentiful.


Obviously, the Western establishment is not concerned that the wrong person will become the next president of the United States, for them. Can they lose either way? Can we benefit more from one leading candidate or the other?

With Hillary you get a high IQ on female life support. What I mean is the female brain stem rules. I believe that a woman almost always cannot be a talented social engineer beyond the opportunistic plays of the pack environment in which female instincts were designed. Hillary is, I believe, driven by relative status and power in a way typical of liberated Western women. I don’t think she has the finesse to not be greedy up front in immediately simplistic terms in trade to be more deadly later. Women like her instinctively play greedy algorithms, which is to say she does what is best in the moment for herself per exactly then.

Her pro for civilized men is that she would push hard and fast the continued centralization of government power over Westerners, and relentlessly against white men. I say pro because generational memory is very influential on sheeple, which most men are. It is also influential on better men, just less so. We will have less good generational memory for the cause of civilized freedom the longer the process of degeneration is dragged out. The memory of balls possibly still accessible to dormant or repressed instincts will be stronger when SHTF, the faster and harder the globalist agenda is pushed.

Trump can check the social pulse and run circles around us. He has the patience and engineering chops to do it right. He has what it takes to be a great president. The only question is for whom? Bill Clinton was a great president for Bill Clinton. The Ineffiable Hussein was and is a great president for the Western establishment. If Trump were president for himself, he would have the audacity to go against the establishment if he could get away with it. He does not have a long, healthy future to protect at the age of 70, and he likes to go BIG. He does not want to coast even as a billionaire, I think. He does not like the idea of retirement and becoming irrelevant, of losing his momentum.

What he would bring to the White House for real men would be his masculine style. He is the perfection of masculinity by the forces of post-feminism. He does not back down to women, not Rosie O’Donald, not Megyn Kelly. That example could be critically beneficial to boys trapped in a childhood narrative where self-benefit for the said boy is resoundingly immoral beyond question because of contemptible parents, teachers, priests, etc. but the whole damned formative environment.

I am not painting a rosy picture here. There is no substitute for male popular sovereignty. Trump is just one man, and if he could take care of us, he would be in charge of us. We would not be free. We would not be real men in the least, which is what MHRAs don’t fucking get.

Exhibit D: That speech by Melania Trump parallels an earlier one by Michelle Obama. The content is the same, old nation-of-immigrants socialism. What Trump seems to have demonstrated publicly to his peers and any higher ups (I don’t know) is the repackaging of the establishment’s preferred propaganda normally sold under the blue ‘D’ label under the red ‘R’ brand instead. With Republican content like that, who needs neo-con content? What can’t he sell to the American people? As you might know, his comments on various issues have been all over the map. He knows that people will remember the stuff they like and screen out the scary stuff they don’t like. This is straight Reticular Activating System function à la Owen Cook, a.k.a. RSD Tyler.

You may have noticed that the other speeches given yesterday at the RNC were all about the tragedy of native but generally white men getting killed by angry blacks, Muslims, and illegals. The encouragement of terrorism from the Muslim world has, planned or not, happened with your funding. There is the post-Cold War destruction of the Middle East without actually winning ultimate victory. Muslims, who are of an Arab ideology if not Arab decent, are known to be irascible. They will kill you for what you say or draw. They take street cred to a crazy high. Foreign aid to Africa, being Islamized all these years, only increases the population there to unnatural proportions. Thus, an army of willing thugs teeming beyond available resources is taking over Europe without fear of death except perhaps as a fear tailwind that might consist alternatively or additionally of the fears of compromise and unexpressed savage masculinity.

The Ineffable has clearly encouraged the Muslim invasion and the killing of police by blacks in America for pretended atrocities against black America. George Soros is funding #BlackLivesMatter according to the Washington Times. The end goal is for you to cry vociferously for the government to keep you safe, since you are not allowed to do it yourself. They want us to beg for their police state. They want us to be hysterical. All those female voters to work with too. Put that enemy pussy to work, boyz.

What I see is a mass seduction. What I see is compliance testing. What I see is the next president rolling out the next big escalation toward a police state that will make a blog post like this virtual suicide. I don’t know what will happen or when. I don’t know how much resistance there is or could possibly be. I do know that in the long run it is more important to win the culture than the institution. They are winning both, and that will continue until a tipping point that collapses the control mechanism for lack of shared incentives.

Being well suited to thrive in corrupt American or anywhere under the global regime is not being well suited for life directly, by which I mean that the system, being unfit for indefinite existence, is destroying itself as it collects winnings for the elite. There will come a day that this perverse inversion of natural selection that makes the right human stuff the wrong stuff and the wrong stuff right will cease, and the result will be an incredible release of resources to those better men who can be civilized as conquerors first and builders second.

The ability of civilized men to kill the other has hardly been exercised in all of human history, and I am not overlooking the Holocaust. Most men who are civilized at the post-Industrial level are white. The converse is not true: most white men are shit, just with less of a proportional margin beyond the 50-percent mark. It will be glorious if done by philosophers working as a team without losing their mentally and culturally healthy self-interest. It will not be anytime soon, if ever. We must live our lives for hedonistic pleasures because our dying flesh is constrained by the teeming sheeple on this tax farm and mental escape is little more than living an illusion for us, who will not know what if anything will grow from our seeding of the future with our cherished humanizing ideas payed from our toil and pain and put out into the ether of the interwebz.

Keep civilized mentality quietly alive in yourself and play the game of your life. It could be illegal to seduce women one day, to adapt to this female game of pack intrigues, and then what is there left to become or enjoy? What will ground us enough to know what wisdom is enough to pass on anything of mental value beyond the animals? Fuck if I know. All I know is that brand ‘R’ has a novel pig in a poke that might have hidden value for me, but probably not, and that this game of tax farming will continue longer than I will, even if I die of old age.

It’s the police state, stupid. Smoke ’em if you got ’em. You got a penis and a rational mind? Let go then of responsibilities and debt obligations not yours by natural law, while there is still daylight to enjoy what little the subsidized female liberation that cost you your best potential can offer you. You cannot be grounded to any other zeitgeist. This is your home, your soil, the only place you can grown and be healthy.

Unplug. Side step. Ride. Rebuild. PUA is the way.

Yours in civilized patriarchy,

—‘Reality’ Doug, 19 July 2016


About ‘Reality’ Doug

I'm feed up with herd people, so civil and uncivilized, these feckless barbarians with manicures. Where is Galt's Gulch? and where are the people to go there? Who am I? Who is John Galt?
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